Boompi: Here your friends can read what he writes!

At Boompi read her friends with.

Meanwhile, there are an incredible number of flirt apps on the market, and there are more and more. For many dating apps, the big role model is Tinder, while others are trying to break away from Tinder by offering something new.

Boompi also tries to be unique with a new function. Although it reminds a lot of Tinder at the first moment, especially women notice the difference very quickly.

This will tell you if he really cares about you!

What is special about the App Boompi?

On the whole, Boompi works much like Tinder. The user therefore already knows the functionality. Even a Facebook account is once again absolutely necessary to use the app.

Just swipe up or down and get a match at the end. At least in the ideal case. Swipe up signals that you are interested, with a swipe down you get the other profile does not reappear. If you mistakenly wiped in the wrong direction and you want to undo this mistake, this is free of charge.

The own profile can be adapted at any time. You decide how much information you want to reveal. So far, everything is already known.

However, there is a significant difference in the App Boompi to the other flirt apps that have been established in the market so far: Boompi gives women the opportunity that their girlfriends can read the chat and comment. However, this is not indicated to the male chat partner. Therefore, the app is primarily aimed at women.

How does it work?

So if two chat partners have found each other, they can invite their friends to the chat. She gets, so to speak, acquaintance with the men. So that women can not only seek the advice of their single friends, there is the extra "Ghost Mode". In this female users leave no traces on the Internet.

This means that even awarded ladies can use the app, but not be displayed in the potential matches. The "Ghost Mode" should also attract the women who are not looking, but are happy to support their girlfriends in the chats.

Whether the comments have a positive or negative impact on him depends entirely on himself. If he is lucky and he leaves a positive impression right at the beginning, the women give tips to their girlfriend, which she can answer in order to keep the chat running.

However, several lines of text come from him wrong r

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