42 tips against heartache - How to process your feelings

42 Successful tips against heartache for you!

You suffer from terrible lovesickness and just do not know how to distract yourself from your heartbreak successfully?

We've collected 42 tips against heartache for you to help you process your feelings. The main thing is that at the beginning you give yourself enough time to dare, but not sag in this phase. And to make sure that does not happen, we'll help you now.

42 successful tips against heartache

  1. Go celebrate with your friends
  2. Flirt with others
  3. Allow yourself to cry, whether you are male or female
  4. Shop and buy new clothes that look like another human
  5. Set him or her a deadline until when other clothes etc. have to be picked up from your apartment because: Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Put on another hairstyle
  7. Maybe it's just a small consolation, but always remember: your heartache is over.
  8. If you are a man, grow a beard
  9. Do sports and do it right
  10. Accept that it is over with you and you have not been happy with each other
  11. Burn the old photos with him / her
  12. Block him or her on Facebook ...
  13. ... and of course at WhatsApp
  14. Recall all his / her bad character traits
  15. Meet up with your friends during the week
  16. Redesign your home
  17. Throw away anything that reminds you of him or her
  18. Do something good: Treat yourself to a professional massage
  19. Book a getaway with a good friend
  20. Visit your parents again
  21. Just walk alone in good weather to get a clear head

  1. Follow your old hobbies that you used to pursue
  2. Take a cool Coke, lie down on the balcony and sunbathe: 30 minutes of sun a day are already enough to make our body Vitamin D and make us feel happy
  3. Talk to friends about your feelings, your disappointment, your anger.
  4. Wash your car, wax it and suck it from the inside: A neat and tidy environment ensures a satisfied soul life
  5. Always remember: you are adorable! Even if he or she has given you a different feeling.
  6. Remember that someday you will find someone who suits you much better!
  7. Listen to music, just loud (but no songs that remind you or him)
  8. Buy new DVDs and do a movie night with your friends, including nachos and popcorn
  9. Become artistically active: No matter if playing the guitar, painting a canvas with acrylic or unpacking the old drums and bothering the neighbors with them: Do, which is good for you.
  10. A healthy diet is the nuts and bolts! Too much beer (or chocolate) from frustration provide extra pounds and more frustration. Beware of this trap!
  11. Make new, same-sex relationships, for example in your gym.
  12. Do not stay in the past! Thinking about him or her does not get you anywhere! Think about your future and what you still want to experience!
  13. Invite friends and acquaintances and throw a little party
  14. Remember all the gruesome quarrels and be glad that it's finally over.
  15. Repeat the things you always wanted to do but postpone them for lack of time: dance class, fishing license, sailing license, learning a language, learning an instrument, professional photography ... no matter what it is, tackle it!
  16. Let your friends tell you what they secretly always bothered about your ex, but never told you!
  17. Go to a concert with your friends and feel the music in your entire body.
  18. Gardening challenges you physically, powers you and the fresh air is also balm for your body!
  19. Read a good thriller
  20. Having your own pet is not just a distraction, it also makes you feel needed and loved!
  21. Start your career: The energy that you had to put into all the quarrels before, you invest now in your job!

Our tips against heartache have helped you and you finally have the worst behind you? Now you feel like flirting again, but you feel that the men / women are simply not interested in you and you are afraid that you will remain single for ever?

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