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Here you come to the Flirt University - Talk Generator He randomly selects a suitable topic of conversation for you!

1. Funny pet names The topic of conversation Pets has now slipped to No. 220. 2. Healthy eating 3. Your life, if you were millionaires 4. The most beautiful places5. Embarrassing Experiences in Childhood 6. Favorite Bands & Festivals 2017 7. Funniest Suffing Stories 8. Cinema Films & Good Movies for Two 9. Black Holes in Space 10. Styling and Current Outfits

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Sometimes conversations are missing at the crucial time, the right topics of conversation. Funny and exciting topics for discussions are theoretically enough. Do not you know what to say, you just have not decided on a suitable topic of conversation.

This list of 370 topics helps you make that decision. What you talk about on a date is mostly irrelevant, more important is the mood that arises interpersonal through the conversation.

The perfect company for two has long been planned, this is not the problem. But what should you talk to her about the whole day? What if you can not come up with any suitable topics for discussion on the date? Here are 6 ways to talk in a conversation spontaneously from the sleeve to shake. Embarrassing silence on the first date is a thing of the past.

Have you spoken to a topic, just start with a new story. But first of all, relax. Take a deep breath. You meet a woman or a man, not a wild lion. So nothing can happen to you. And to make finding exciting date topics easier, we've created this handy list of 370 interesting topics for you.

11. Your hometown 12. Funny stories about the siblings 13. The funniest experiences from your holiday 14. Your hottest concert 15. Fifty Shades of Gray 16. Which is the best city in Germany 17. How your family celebrates Christmas

18. Your favorite sport 19. Winter holiday and activities in winter 20. The worst book you have ever read voluntarily 21. Best outdoor pool in the city 22. The best city trip 23. What languages ​​you speak 24. Home furnishings 25. Favorite dish 26. Silly topics of conversation from school days 27. Drug experiences 28. Card games or funny drinking games 29. Your craziest order online 30. Pokémon 31. Cool bargains from the internet 32. When did you get the most out of your clothes? 33. Stars and starlets 34. Musical instruments 35. Photography 36. The perfect preparation of a latte macchiato with three layers. Snowboarder 38. Your favorite author or director 39. Adventure shared with friends 40. Best James Bond films 41. Camping trips 42. Driving school experience 43. Best restaurant in the city 44. Sharknado, Sharktopus, Snowsharks ... What a shark Movie is the best? 45th Extraordinary Piercings & Tattoos 46th Job (please only funny) 47th Worst Holiday 48. Your Chinese Zodiac 49th The greatest reunion with a friend 50th constellation in the sky (at night) 51st experiences from the dance school 52nd your worst Traffic Sin 53. Playing Minigolf 54. Exciting pastimes 55. Women's Exchange, Berlin Day & Night, Cologne 50667 ... what's cool, what's wrong? 56. Sledding as a child 57. The most beautiful family celebration 58. The most important spices in your kitchen, which must never be missed 59. Ever caught the parents in sex? 60. Common Friends 61. Favorite Show as a Child 62. Worst Disaster at the Barber 63. The Lessor 64. Conspiracy Theories 65. Your Favorite Philosophy 66. Different Epochs and Their Dressing Style 67. The Most Embarrassing Thing That Your Grandma Spilled 68. Your Worst Term Writing 69. The worst eyewear frames 70. World trips 71. Swimming with dolphins 72. Favorite toy in childhood 73. Mobile phone brands 74. Geocaching 75. The school curriculum 76. The most useful apps 77. The best online stores (besides Amazon) 78. 9Gag & YouTube Videos 79 Streetart

80. Sell on eBay 81. Houseplants 82. Gift search at Christmas 83. Love at first sight 84th VW exhaust scandal 85th The funniest encounters in the train or the long-haul bus 86th Bad habits 87th Moving to another city 88th Organize a party: what are you paying attention to? 89. What's the first thing you do after getting up in the morning? 90. Carnival parades 91. The best costumes 92. Fantasy Movies 93. Cooking dishes for beginners 94. The best doner kebab 95. The time between graduation and study / training: How did you use them? 96. Background images for smartphones and laptops 97. Which amusement park is not worth it at all? 98th Worst experience on a roller coaster 99. The strangest phobias 100. Wear of umbrellas 101. Ikea facility 102. mass events 103. Headphone parties 104. Traveling with carpools 105. Fairy tales from children's books 106. What did you play as a child? Lego or Playmobil? What did you collect? 107. Rules of the game in chess 108. Showering or bathing? 109. Quality of your cafeteria or cafeteria 110. Advertising promises on TV 111. The perfect bachelor or hen party 112. Cool pub crawls 113. Farms in the area 114. How do you see the subject marry? 115. Dinner in the Dark 116. Holidays in Northern Countries 117. The ancient Romans 118. The most interesting subject from school days 119. Nasty encounters at night in the dark 120. What do you actually think about ... a pottery class? 121. Current construction sites in your city 122. Which museum would you like to visit? 123. Sense or nonsense of egg cookers 124. The best ice cream parlor

125. "Math is an asshole." What was your worst subject at school? 126. What is important when buying a laptop? 127. Turkish bazaars 128. The most delicious coffee 129. Education 130. Snowboarding 131. Trump or Clinton? 132. The Schnulzenfilm par excellence: Titanic 133. Natural phenomena: rainbows, etc. 134. Known art exhibitions, eg the Documenta 135. Things that still need to be invented 136. How important is order to you in the household? 138. The Seven Wonders of the World 138. Swimming in the Dead Sea 139. The Series The Walking Dead 140. Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterbeds 141. Types of Tea 142. Myths and Legends 143. What Annoying You at Christmas 144. Homemade Gifts 145. The Oktoberfest on the Wiesn 146. Wadden Sea on the North Sea 147. Fear at full moon? 148. Superstition: What about Friday, the thirteenth? 149. guinea pig breeding in the garden 150. Ancient Egypt 151. Worst encounter on the track 152. Weapons in the Stone Age 153. Archery 154. Medieval markets 155. Canoeing 156. Inline skating accidents 157. Funny animal encounters 158. Old castles and palaces in your area 159 The friendliest bus driver (works only if you live in a very small town) 160. Dialogues of the neighbors that you involuntarily get to know

161. Which profession would be nothing for you? What are the funniest professions you know? 162. Driving in the winter with snow: Do you trust it? 163. Knights' battles 164. Your experiences with car sharing 165. Italian mafia, Japanese yakuza .... 166. Your best experience abroad with locals

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