37 sweet pet names for men

Our list of cute pet names for men

The lords of creation are also considered in relationships with sweet nicknames. But it does not always have to be the standard treasure, so we've put together a list of 37 alternatives.

Why are nicknames so important in relationships?

Pet names show each other that they are special for each other. Because even if you call yourself treasure, then you (and only you) are the treasure of the other. Every day we prove to our beloved how much he means to us and how great the affection is. In addition, a pet name can highlight a specific trait of your partner, such as bear or prince. Which man would not feel flattered?

How do pet names arise?

Pet names for men (to the gr. List) arise in a relationship usually automatically. It does not matter if you start with the classical treasure, but in the course of time you get to know each other better and situational new nicknames emerge. For example, is your partner unable to eat biscuits without crumbling without end? Then it can happen spontaneously and playfully that the nickname Krümelmonster establishes itself as a pet name for your friend.

How do I use pet names correctly?

Are you afraid that your partner could get the nickname "Cookie Monster" in the wrong neck? Importantly, nicknames that pick up on your partner's (possibly negative) traits are not taken too seriously. For more neutral nicknames such as Prince, etc., not necessarily the spark of humor must be there.

Especially in men, pet names are not always desired in public, especially if it's Hasipupsi (as an extreme example). In front of his buddies you should therefore keep this for you and use the nickname in two moments - that is also much more intimate, as if your entire circle of friends know the private nickname.

37 sweet pet names for men:

1st cream cuts

2. Dino

3. Big one

4. Bear / bear

5th hero

6th knight

7. Dearest / Darling

8. Knutschbär

9. Cuddly tiger

10. Adonis

11. Cookie monster

12. Darling

13th King of the Heart

14. Brownie

15. Cinnamon bun

16. Cotton balls

17. Teddy

18. Sunnyboy

19. Pupsi

20. Prince

21. Prince Charming

22. God

23. (morning) muffle

24. Sexy

25. Lover

26. Technobar

27. Naughty badger

28th lion

29. Purzel

30th cuddly monster

31. Frog King

32nd devil

33. Superman

34. Dreamer

35. Crazy / Spinner

36. Chaot

37. Wolf

We love to use these sweet nicknames for men. Of course, the nickname is more individual, but especially at the beginning of a relationship our list will help you. If there was no nickname for your friend here, our blog has a more detailed list of 228 nicknames / pet names / nicknames for men.

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