You need the pill after? How the pill works and how to take it

Sometimes it happens faster than you think.

In the middle of the heat of the moment he feels that the condom has broken. A shock, after all, you do not take the pill anymore! After taking them for years in the evening, you decided to drop the pill.

Since then you are much less in a bad mood, you are less bitchy and your libido has risen enormously. But you have to complain a little more when your menstruation comes. But on the whole, you feel much better without the pill than with.

Normally, condom contraception also works smoothly. However, since you have not been wet enough and the condom is torn, you are afraid of getting pregnant now.

What do I tell him on the first date?

How do I get the pill afterwards?

Maybe you know the sequence of the pill after that from before: Every woman had to go to the gynecologist and describe the problem to get a prescription for the pill afterwards. But stupid is when the contraceptive passes exactly on Saturday night.

For at this time and on the following day, no normal medical practices have opened, which is why once a doctor must be found, the emergency service has. If there is no car available (the doctor who has the emergency service is unfortunately not always in the vicinity) is the woman in front of a problem.

However, since March 2015, this has changed. Across Europe, the pill can now be bought without a prescription. The trip to the doctor, which has cost a lot of valuable time, thus eliminating. If you find yourself on the way to the pharmacy, you should pay about thirty euros for the pill dana

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