36 Romantic sayings about love - the most beautiful sayings for lovers

Wanted romantic sayings about love?

Love is a feeling we all long for. Only when we really love, we feel arrived. We present to you the most beautiful sayings about the love with which you can express your feelings.

  1. Our life is not always full of joy. Even bad days meet again and again. But always our life should be full of love. (Thomas Aquinas)
  2. To love oneself does not mean to look blissfully into the eyes, but to look hopefully in the same direction. (Antoine de Saint- Exupery)
  3. If you really love, you do not seek blame on the other, but on yourself. (Richard Burton)
  4. Where love is sown, joy will grow. (William Shakespeare)
  5. Our home is not where our residence is registered. Our home is where we are understood. (Christian Morgenstern)

  1. We laugh about love only until we get caught by it. (Eleonora Duse)
  2. Truly loving means seeking the happiness of others. (Johannes Bosco)
  3. The most beautiful state is that of voluntary dependence - But how could this be possible without love? (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  4. The best luck on earth is probably to find a person who feels and feels with us. (Carl Spitteler)
  5. Truly loving means putting one's happiness in the hands of another. (Gottfried Leibniz)
  6. Friendship and love are like two small plants that emerge from the same root. Only that the love has a few more flowers. (Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock)
  7. Who expects gratitude for his love, does not love. (Heinrich Wolfgang Seidel)
  8. To really love a person means to agree to grow old with him. (Albert Camus)
  9. Only those who love themselves are able to truly love others. (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  10. Love is often strange ways, but usually they are the right ones. (Wolf Dietrich)

  1. The most beautiful thing about love? The most beautiful is love itself. (Kurt Tucholsky)
  2. Love is like a delicate little plant that takes some time before it takes root. (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  3. A happy partnership requires two things: First, the right person must be found, and second, we must be the right person ourselves. (Jackson H. Brown)
  4. Some people find their hearts only when they lose their heads. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  5. The wonderful thing about love is finding peace in another's heart. (Julie Jeanne de Lespinasse)
  6. Love does not become less, but more if we give it away. (Ricarda Huch)
  7. Love, among all the virtues, is what the sun is under the stars: it gives shine and beauty. (Francis of Sales)
  8. To love oneself is truly a blessing, but to be loved is pure happiness. (Leo Tolstoy)
  9. To love no one means to be nothing. (Ludwig Feuerbach)
  10. Love is the spice in our life. It can sweeten our days, but also salty. (Confucius)

  1. Being happy means loving. Only who can love is happy. (Hermann Hesse)
  2. I fear nothing except the limits of your love. (Friedrich von Schiller)
  3. Love is like a highly contagious disease - no one knows when he gets caught by her. (Anatole France)
  4. Love begins only where no return is expected. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  5. Can anything be more wonderful than spending life with someone we can talk to, as with ourselves? (Cicero)
  6. The nicest things in life can not be bought by money. (Albert Einstein)
  7. Kissing is the best way to end a conversation when words become redundant. (Ingrid Bergman)
  8. Love does not blind us. It only enables us to see far more than there is. (Oliver Hassencamp)
  9. Only because love always wants to go high, it can touch us so deeply. (Ernst Ferstl)
  10. Love is not just one, but the only way to become truly happy. (Françoise Sagan)
  11. Alone man is not perfect. It needs a second person to be happy. (Blaise Pascal)
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