31 dating rules that bring you into a relationship.

Are you looking for dating rules that will finally find your dream girl?

So far, you've been unlucky in your past. It was just always the wrong ones, in the partnerships there was a lot of arguing about nothing and in the end you did not feel well with them anymore. Now you have been single for some time and are tired of loose stories that do not develop anything serious.

You finally want to have a steady girlfriend where you know that you can count on her and she always stands by your side. But how do you manage to find the one? How do you avoid the fact that only one night stands develop from the dates, but the ladies are not interested anymore? Are there any dating rules that you can orient yourself to if you want a relationship? Yes, they exist. And here you will find out.

31 dating rules with which you can find a permanent partner.

1. Work on your self-image

Do you feel that you have not earned a pretty woman by your side because you do not have a spacious flat or a sharp job? Time to work on your self-image my friend! With the wrong attitude, you make it unnecessarily difficult for you to meet women.

2. Pay attention to your style

Often underestimated by men is the own style. But one thing you can trust us is that it makes a big difference whether your clothes fit together well and looks harmonious, or if your T-shirt is several sizes too big and your pants are so heavy that you can only guess your butt. With a different style of clothing, you quickly act like a completely different person. Of course, you should still feel comfortable.

3. Communicate that you are in search

What do you say when asked how you look like with women? Are you looking at the floor, unpleasantly touched, and explain that there is not so much going on right now to change the subject directly afterwards? Take advantage of this opportunity. If you are asked by a buddy or a friend, then answer calmly that you are still searching. So you increase your chance that someone from your circle of friends presents you a pretty woman.

4. Visit the right places

Where do you spend your free time? In football club and gaming stores? There are only a few women around. You will have to admit that there are far more women in a volleyball club than in your football team (and no, not all clubs separate the teams strictly by gender). That's why it makes perfect sense to look elsewhere in your free time. How about you go around in a big shopping mall and look around for a while?

5. Visit a flirt coaching

You have already turned up a lot in your life. You wear other clothes, work on your self-image, your acquaintances know that you are looking for and you try to spend your free time in new places.

Now is the perfect time for a flirt coaching. You are ready to work on you and have already changed many things. In a flirt coaching you will now learn how to overcome your shyness and how you can address women. You will be equipped with the most important dating rules and then you are ready for your love life.

11. Write the first message

You had a wonderful flirt and changed your numbers. Since then, you are sitting in front of your smartphone, hoping that it will vibrate. Wrong approach, my friend! Almost all women expect the first step from the man! This means for you, that you now gather all your courage, open Whatsapp, press their name and write the first message.

12. Do not report after three days

There are countless dating rules that the man should report to the woman only after three days, or he should always recalculate how long it took for her to answer him. He should add another hour to this number of hours and only then answer.

You know what? This is absolute nonsense! Write her, if you feel like it. And think of one thing: the longer you wait with your first message, the greater the possibility that she is looking around for other sympathetic men.

13. She does not answer my message

Absolutely no reason to panic. Many women are excited about flirting with a man, but in retrospect begin to doubt whether it was right to engage in flirtation.

Most of all, if you try to call afterward to contact them, it is often the case with younger women that they do not dare to answer the call. So what if she does not answer? No, please do not ball her with more news. Instead, send her a voice message in which she can hear your voice and she can still think about what she wants to answer.

14. Find the appropriate date activity

You've written each other a few times and now your first date is up. Wonderful! At this point we want to congratulate you once. So that everything runs smoothly, you should not opt ​​for the classic date in a restaurant. Instead, find something that brings a little more adrenaline. Maybe a visit to the amusement park, a round of karting or climbing in the climbing park. Afterwards you can still visit a cocktail bar or have some food. Why not just the restaurant visit? That's what about 95 percent of men do. You will not remember it.

15. Ask her the right questions to get to know

Too often, the date itself has been a complete success, but it fails because of boring conversations. To prevent that from happening to you, you should definitely ask her the right questions to get to know. Questions through which you will learn more about them and with which you will create a good mood.

16. Be a gentleman

Do you know what women really love? Men who know what they want, who show the direction and who are an absolute gentleman and who seem to blindly understand the woman by their side. How to become a gentleman? It starts with little things by stopping her and helping her out of her coat.

17. Make her laugh

What does a good date live for? Exactly, of the right mood. And what do all women wish for a man? Right, loyalty and humor. That you have humor, you can prove it directly on the first date. Make the good woman by your side laugh and show her that you can have a damn good time with you.

18. Tease her

You want more than just making her laugh? Try to tease her. Make sure, however, that you do not exaggerate too much, not that she later insults on the way home. And think of one thing: value distributes, must also be able to take.

19. Build up body contact

As you get along splendidly, it's about time that you give the whole thing a different component. Start to build body contact and slowly increase. This is achieved, for example, by hugging her. She had a busy day? Oh, my arms. She desperately needs a hug as comfort.

20. Do not forget the eye contact

Also remember that not only do you build body contact with her, but also that you keep eye contact with her. And not just in the way you do it in a conversation with your buddies. Look deep in her eyes, but be careful not to stare at her.

21. What does her body language say?

Every time you touch her, she will react with her body to the contact. Therefore, pay more attention to whether it sends interest signals. Does she play with her hair? Is she licking her lips now and then? Does she tilt her head? You definitely like her! How does she react when you touch her arm? Does she leave him lying relaxed or does she shrug back? Depending on what your body language says, you should take it a little slower or progress.

22. Time for the first kiss

Do you feel that the time has come for the first kiss? In this video, you'll learn what to look for:

What to look out for the first kiss:

So you succeed the first kiss!

23. Who actually pays on the first date?

The evening is slowly coming to an end. You feel a tingling sensation in your stomach and do not really want you to go home. But before you head home, another hurdle is in the way. Who pays on the first date? It seems to be part of the dating rules that the man pays. Let's mentally review the evening. Was there a rather unpleasant mood between you and there was no body contact?

Then let her be emancipated and do not give her the feeling that you want to buy her favor by taking her account. Of course you can also pay separately if the evening was really wonderful. One of our dating rules, so you will not be exploited: Pay for them only if there was already a kiss.

24. Take her home with you

You do not want to spend the night alone? Then you can imagine something beautiful, what is in your home. For example, a delicious bottle of red wine, homemade cocktails or the romantic view from your balcony. So you go on the same way home.

25. Increase your kisses

Now it's time not to kiss timidly, but to smooch together. Prepare your favorite cocktails or bottle of wine, make yourself comfortable, touch it and kiss it more intensively than before.

26. How do you undress her now?

Many men find the transition from flirting to undressing very difficult, after all, one does not want to look clumsy, but seductive. It is not difficult, if only because you know how to do it skillfully. It is especially tempting if you offer her a massage. After kneading her shoulders for a few minutes, it's time to offer her to use oil. And go, the T-shirt ends up in the corner.

27. Bring women to orgasm

Especially if you do not know each other well, it is difficult for many men to bring the woman to orgasm. This is also because many men do not really know the anatomy of the female reproductive organs.

However, pure and clean does not stimulate her clit. It is no wonder that many women experience the One Night Stand as a failure. However, if you take your time and devote yourself extensively to it, you will quickly find out at which points of her body she is particularly sensitive.

28. Cuddle after sex with her

You do not just want a one night stand, but a solid relationship? Then you should especially after sex cuddle with her. Immediately after sexual intercourse, the female body releases a variety of hormones, including binding hormones. These ensure that the sense of belonging between two people is strengthened. Cuddling after sex ensures that she falls in love with you faster.

29. Get to know your friends

If you want to build something solid with her, you should definitely continue to meet with her and especially to meet her friends. Why? The more you accompany her at a party, the more she gets asked by her friends, what's actually going on between them. This stimulates her head cinema. She begins to think for herself how her life would look like with her by her side. Getting to know your friends and, above all, getting on well with them is therefore an elementary step!

Our dating rules to make friendship a relationship:

Learn how to seduce women!

30. Do not chase after a woman

You have already met her friends and suddenly she does not want any more contact with you? She ignores you and you do not know why? It's okay if you try to have a clarifying conversation. However, if she blocks all attempts on your part and has not responded to your last three messages, you should continue to search for the great love. One of our dating rules is that there's no point in chasing after a woman forever.

31. Which type of woman do you like?

Maybe it did not work with this one woman now, because she is already forgiven and cheated on her boyfriend. Many men fail because they only focus on one type of woman, eg very self-determined women.

However, when they realize that these women are very purposeful in pursuing their jobs and have no time for a relationship, they are disappointed that they have again hit the wrong person. In this case, it makes sense to look around for another type of woman. After all, it does not always have to be who already has a boyfriend. By the way: Do not just look around at work. Sex with the colleague is not always the best idea.

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