287 short love spells! From romantic to completely overdone

Short love spells, with which you enthrall her

287 love quotes for you and your sweetheart put together ...

  1. So many hearts are on earth, so many hearts love you, but of all these many hearts, none loves you like me.
  2. I already saw rainbows in all their splendor. The big wide universe in a starry night. I saw sunsets where you cry, but never a face as beautiful as yours.
  3. Flowers need sunshine and I need you to be happy!
  4. The most important things in life you should always have with you: I'm just wondering how I should stuff you in my purse?
  5. Your eyes sparkle like the stars in the night.
  6. I love you not, you're just junk. That was a joke, you are my heart.
  7. You drive me out of my mind! But who needs it !? For more love sayings just scroll down ...

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287 Love Sayings: From romantic to completely exaggerated

  1. Love is ... waking up to find that the night was not a dream.
  2. I can not eat in the morning because I love you! At noon I can not eat because I love you! In the evening I can not eat anything because I love you! I can not sleep at night because I'm hungry!
  3. One minute without you can handle. An hour without you is pointless. A day without you is agonizing. A week without you is inconceivable. A year without you is impossible. A life without you is hell. A love with you is the purest heaven.
  4. I'll wait for you because I do not want another one.
  5. Nearby, but also in the distance, my little heart is thinking of you. It loves you so much and loves you immensely. Does that think of you too?
  6. I like you - can not fault my heart so much for you - do you hear it beating, it beats for you, do you hear it say I just like you?
  7. I would like to kiss you every day and never have to miss you again. Touch you and seduce you. You are far from me, but so close. I just love you, it's true.
  8. Watch out! This message conveys happiness and good humor, so for a moment enjoy the feeling that someone is thinking of you now !!
  9. Let me be your gummy, so sticky sweet and cute little, then you can bite me, that is supposed to mean, to infinity!
  10. You make my heart beat, want to caress you all the time, seduce you into a kiss, and just feel your closeness!
  11. To the world, you are only one, but to any one of you, you are the whole world.
  12. I love you, because without you can not be!

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There are endless ways, "I love you to say". Of course, these three words are most beautiful when you can look deep into each other's eyes. Unfortunately, the distance makes many people here a line through the bill. In this case, a sweet love quote can help. You want to express your feelings and make her smile with a great love saying? Or are you having a bad fight behind you and you want to contribute something to your reconciliation through apologetic words?

Historical love sayings

  1. I talk to the couch, flirt with the TV, have breakfast with the toaster. Before I start a relationship with the vacuum cleaner: Sign up!
  2. A day with YOU is like a bathtub full of champagne.
  3. Never forget someone you've ever loved. But never love someone who has forgotten you!
  4. I think of you - I like you so much. I love you, you are my star!
  5. Love you today more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow!
  6. Tachycardia can not be mowed!
  7. What is important to me? My PC, my TV, my Playstation, but nothing is as important to me as YOU !!!
  8. Love is a great disease - there are always two to bed.
  9. Who loves, who lives. You keep me alive!
  10. Love is ... four hands, two hearts, one beat!
  11. On Valentine's Day, lovers give away thousands of roses, kilos of chocolate and fragrant gifts - but I give you my heart!
  12. Love is an incurable disease, but unfortunately not contagious.
  13. Have quit. Become an astronaut so I can get you the stars from the sky!
  14. You are air for me .... and without air I can not live.
  15. You give me warmth and energy, you are the sun in my galaxy.
  16. Only once do I want to touch you now, feel your soft lips, lie in your warm arms and sink into your eyes
  17. No matter what I try, whatever I do, in my head you are.
  18. With skin and hair I am yours, with heart and soul on top of that!
  19. Love is not just a word. Love is the feeling of being needed by someone who feels the same way.
  20. One night quietly and silently makes a peck on the journey. It flies secretly to you and you know what? It comes from me.

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  1. God created the world in 6 days. It took him 9 months for you. No wonder you are something special!
  2. Beauty does not decide who we love, but love decides who we think is beautiful.
  3. All wishes will be small next to being with you.
  4. Some things can be measured to value them, others must be experienced. You have to experience it to realize that you are priceless.
  5. Mäuschen if there was to buy you somewhere I would have stolen you already long ago ... because I can not afford you, since you are the most valuable for me.
  6. How long an hour can be, I learn when I expect you. How wide a bed can be, I learn when I miss you. How close I can be, I experience when you are with me.
  7. I'm here, you're there ... one of us is in the wrong place!
  8. I called the sky today and demanded the number of the sweetest angel. They gave me your number!
  9. I would love to cuddle up with my sweetheart, wallow in your hair a bit, pet you and kiss you, but all I have right now is my soft pillow.
  10. If you look into the sky and you steal an asterisk press it, kiss it, think of me - because the asterisk, that's me.
  11. For you I would like to paint a castle in the air and pay no rent in it, and then wait 1000 years in the rose garden!
  12. You're getting prettier day by day, and you're looking out today, like next week.
  13. When I saw you for the first time, I started to live.
  14. When two small raindrops softly knock on your window, think quietly of me, that's a sweet kiss for you!
  15. For a kiss on the lips you need 12 muscles, for a kiss on the tongue even 17 muscles. So honey, let's train! (more)
  16. My little mouse are you, so close your eyes now. I want to give you something. My heart!!! It says you should think of me.
  17. You have to have already bubble-covered feet, if you have gone through my mind the whole last few days !!!
  18. Only once do I want to touch you, only feel your lips once, just lie in your arms once to wish that it will not stay with the one time.
  19. The most beautiful here on earth, is to be loved by you.
  20. You can resist nothing and nobody. The best example of this is me.
  21. Every human being has a definition of happiness. You're mine!
  22. The big earth turns quietly day and night in circles. But my own little world is always about you!
  23. This SMS costs me 12 cents, 2 minutes to type in, 32 seconds because I've made a mistake, four seconds to send and all just to tell you how much I like you.
  24. Just as you see roses blooming, so does your happiness, and when you see roses blooming, think back to me.
  25. Loving does not mean looking each other in the eye - but looking together in the same direction!
  26. You're so hot. Luckily I'm not an ice cube, otherwise there would only be a wet spot on the stool.
  27. Thank you for your number, I am already dying of longing, I want to see you again soon, hope so it will be you too.
  28. Like a Nike without air, like a rubber without a bear, like a shower without it, like a counterbalance without bass, like the sun without a stitch, that would be my life without YOU!
  29. You are so magical that I do not know if I'm dreaming. Please kiss me awake. (more)
  30. Only once I want to touch you - only once feel your lips - only once in your arms - only once sink into your eyes.
  31. All day and all night I have to think of you, I try to distract myself constantly, I'm just so glad that there is someone like you, because I'm in love with you!
  32. When I'm with you, I forget all worries. A feeling of happiness flows through my heart, it counts the now and not the morning.
  33. Without you, my heart will stand still until we meet again.
  34. True love has no happy ending, because true love never ends.
  35. If your love is like a rain shower, then make me really wet.
  36. I want to cling to your soft body like your love because I feel you are still so far away.
  37. If a message comes from afar, guessing the content is not difficult. Have just thought of you and wish you a good night.
  38. You are for me the ace of aces. You are simply a superclass. And without you, my life would be empty - which means, I like you!
  39. You're my luck, you're my star, even if you're crazy, I like you.
  40. Take it and multiply it with infinity. Add eternity and you have a hint of how sweet you are.
  41. First we saw each other, then we wanted to, now we love each other!
  42. To fall in love with you I just needed a look! To forget you would take eternity!
  43. I long for your sweet magic lips, because when I touch you I feel like in a fairytale!
  44. Here comes a saying. He is alone for you. But he's also about me. It means: I love you.

  1. Will you take good care of my heart? I left it with you!
  2. To be loved is not difficult, but love to give very much.
  3. I listen to the wind and hear our songs. I look at the clock: When will we finally see each other again?
  4. I am very happy that you exist in my life and in a thousand years I want to tell you: "I love you!"
  5. I am sitting here thinking of you! It comes to mind, I love you!
  6. Real love knows real pain too.
  7. On the day you were born, the heavens cried because he realized that he lacked an angel.
  8. Can not sleep, can not eat, just can not forget you!
  9. I am so glad that you exist, because I love you very much!
  10. You are as beautiful as a rose! But the beauty of a rose is transient, but yours is eternal!
  11. You are as sweet as the honey of the bees you are as crisp as the crispbread from the baker you are as unique as today!
  12. If love were great, then even Mount Everest would be a small pile in contrast to the love I feel for you.
  13. We are two angels with only one wing, but if we hug each other then we can fly!
  14. Everyone sees a piece of the world, together we see the whole world.
  15. In the morning you are my first, in the evening you are my last thought.
  16. Yesterday, when a falling star fell from the sky, I wished for you.
  17. Can not write much, I just think of you!
  18. -, -, - @ This rose is for you, you should say I THINK OF YOU.
  19. And all of a sudden, you were the main character in my life.
  20. The kiss is a cleverly invented method of stopping talking when words are redundant.
  21. Since I know you, I feel connected to you. Through you I have found love. Open me, let her in, now she's mine forever.
  22. You keep smiling in my heart.
  23. Your body is like a hot stove. There is nothing hotter.
  24. When two hearts beat each other and you stick together, even the hardest is easy to carry, and twice as beautiful is this world.
  25. All my thoughts are about you. As I have lived so far 'is no longer important to me.
  26. I tried not to think about you, not to talk about you ... That was the longest second of my life!
  27. Without dreams I can not sleep, I can not cry without tears, I can not see without light. But I can not live without you.
  28. Your voice is like a melody, your laugh better than my imagination, your eyes brighter than the sunshine, my heart is yours forever.
  29. Who loves, who lives. You keep me alive!
  30. If you think I think about you, then you do not even think so wrong.
  31. My heart only beats because a thought that shapes me, carrying you in my heart, so moves my little heart.
  32. SOS - Heart in Need - save me or I'll be lost forever
  33. I love you until the big bang and back again.
  34. You are the star I think of and I like to give away my heart. You are the star with the brightest light, for it is called I LOVE YOU!
  35. Nearby in the distance, a small heart thinks about you, loves you and loves you, does yours think of me too?
  36. Hi, I need your help! My mother says she will release me for adoption if I do not have a date this weekend!
  37. Love is like a rainbow - it connects heaven and earth.
  38. The butterfly in my stomach, thinking of you, I do it too.
  39. I want to float in the sky with you, spend a whole day with you, just miss the school and dream with you! I love you!
  40. As long as the fire burns up, as long as the water runs downwards, as long as the juice of the vine flows in, you shall be my dearest to me.
  41. Love is to just turn the toothpaste smirking instead of throwing it after him.
  42. The beginning of a love is like opening a book whose pages are still white and empty. It's waiting to be filled with stories that last forever.
  43. If I could do magic I would let it rain. The sun would then paint a rainbow. On that I will come to you very quickly.
  44. Every one of my steps since I learned to walk had only one goal: to find YOU!
  45. With you I want to overcome every obstacle in this world hand in hand!
  1. Without you, my heart will stand still until we meet again.
  2. A new love is like a new life .... You are my new life!!!
  3. Two stars in the sky, they shine because one can not live without the other. They say to each other: I love you. One is you, the other me.
  4. I have only one weakness. Namely you.
  5. You are the star I think of. You are the star I give away to myself. You are the star of confidence. Which means: I love you!
  6. Man alone is imperfect. He needs a second one to be happy.
  7. Lovers close their eyes when kissing because they want to see with their hearts.
  8. Love is hard to find, easy to lose, but never to forget.
  9. Do you have sorrow? Are you worried? Should I borrow you my smile? Have fun, bring you luck, give it back sometime!
  10. In my life you are the light. You give me warmth and confidence.
  11. I do not need you just for a while, I need you forever!
  12. If something in my chest bounces like crazy and drives me completely out of my mind, then in a flash I suspect the reason is you.
  13. Except nonsense, I have only one thing in mind ... YOU!
  14. Your eyes light up so I can only think of you. That's why I hope you understand me when I say, "I love you"!
  15. I love you from the heart and without pain - but with a thousand beautiful butterflies in my stomach, and that feels damn good.
  16. A kiss is much quieter than a cannon shot, but its echo takes much longer.
  17. There is one, this one sentence made for you. I love you so much, honey, because you are the very best.
  18. In devotion is the germ of great love.
  19. When I look you in the eye and see a glint in it. Take your hand and stand very close to you then I know: You are the right person for me!
  20. The shine in your eyes shines brighter than all the candles in this world. Should there ever be a total eclipse, I would still never be in the dark.
  21. I will give you all my love until we float above the clouds. Because you are the only one on this earth that I will always love.
  22. You are mine, I am yours, you should be sure of that. You are locked in my heart, lost is the key, because you have to be inside forever!
  23. This puzzle is not easy to guess, but if necessary I can tell you the solution. When I was alone, it was only mine. Then I gave it to you. Since then you are everything in my life.
  24. You are the cherry on my icing.
  25. I have something to tell you, it has something to do with LOVE, in case you were interested in the large print.

  1. I hate the feeling of having to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.
  2. Individually we are words, together a poem.
  3. You are like a beautiful melody that you can not get out of your head.
  4. True love begins with the first encounter and never ends.
  5. You are in yours and me in my bed, it would be much nicer in a duet. You could cuddle together and whisper about others.
  6. Love is like a delicate flower that needs new care every day.
  7. If the birds are already singing from the rooftops, believe me, they only do it for you! Because they know about me: I love you!
  8. A love arrow is in my chest. And he causes great desire! Or is it just frustration? Because I can only be happy when you are completely mine.
  9. It's not difficult to be in love with you. Without being you, but more so.
  10. In the morning, when the sky lights up and the dew falls off the leaves, I have to think of you and give my heart to you.
  11. I never knew what home meant. Then I got to know you, looked into your eyes, into your heart and finally into your soul. That's when I learned what it means to have arrived.
  12. I tell you a secret, Cupid has you in the sights. And there's something else you need to know. His arrow is flying towards your chest.
  13. I even long for it when I wake up, and it gets worse until late into the night.
  14. I love you. I love you. How to write that, I do not know. Is the grammar also not correct. I love you and that's important.
  15. Sometimes we can not understand each other, sometimes we do not want to see each other anymore. But after every fight, we are happy to be together again!
  16. Where it rains love, no one wants a screen
  17. Love at first sight comes after the second bottle.
  18. Hello, my sunshine, I only love you alone and always want to be happy with you.
  19. With all my heart I wish to have a life together with you. But if you were to give me only one hour, I would still think of you forever.
  20. For you, the fog in the gray of the night would become the sparkling golden fleece of the stars. The cold that a blizzard ignites to the flames of heat.
  21. Love is sometimes the saddest, often the most beautiful, but always the most important thing in life.
  22. 3 roses I send you: The 1st is for the welfare of the 2nd for goodbye, the 3rd but quietly speaks: I love you! Do not forget that!
  23. I want to go through life with you hand in hand!
  24. That I love you is not a saying. I do not just have that from a book. You are my everything, for a long time. You are my angel for eternity.
  25. Car starts with A, tree starts with B, Caesar starts with C, fragrance starts with D, duck starts with E, fox starts with F, but love starts with you.
  26. That you make me so sad should show you how happy you could have made me!
  27. Adam and Eve devised love, me and my cherub did it that way.
  28. Love means finding oneself in the other and then growing together.
  29. Thousands of kisses just for you, but one for me too!
  30. Eternity is paradise when you have real love with you and real friends with you.
  31. Believe me, it's not a joke. You own all my heart. I put it in your hand. This makes me completely yours.
  32. Life is too short to be angry for a long time! Forgive me!
  33. Better to lose everything and have you than have everything and lose you!
  34. One look says more than 100 words. I do not ask that you waste many on me. I just need a look that says, "I love you!"
  35. I have a longing. I do not smoke or drink, but I'm addicted. It is the longing for my sweetheart, the longing for you!
  36. Honey, so you do not forget how to kiss others, come to me, I'll show it to you!
  37. You are my greatest treasure, there is no room for another.
  38. I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you!
  39. Like a white cloud, high in the sky blue, it floats so peacefully. Just like my heart when I am your poor.
  40. Angels have big wings, fly over high hills, always keep an eye on you, because I gave the order !!

  1. You can not see angels, but you can meet them.
  2. I love you about everything, feel safe with you, love me too, I have no worries!
  3. I love you about everything, feel safe with you, if that is also the case with you, I have no worries!
  4. My place next to me in bed is cold and empty. I would like to touch you now, to feel you very close. I just miss you too much
  5. Many people only smile at my face, my heart smiles at you.
  6. Reason can only talk. It is the love that sings.
  7. You asked me what I love. "My life, " I said. You left with sad eyes. But you did not realize that you are my life.
  8. My love for you is as big and wide as infinity.
  9. Some dreams are longer than others, some dreams are more beautiful than others. But my most beautiful dream, which is currently reading this SMS.
  10. I love you, you are my darling, in my heart, there is your place!
  11. Love is ... when your kiss touches not only the skin but also the heart (more)
  12. If you were a tear I would never cry for fear of losing you.
  13. I want to see you, always kiss you and not always miss you as before. But if you have to go into the distance again, I still like you.
  14. Love is ... thinking of someone without thinking!
  15. My love for you is as endless as the sky, as deep as the sea, as dense as a pine forest, as clear as a crystal and as infinite as space!
  16. I am very tired, go to rest and close my eyes. I love you very much. You
  17. I love you so much every day, but today I love you even more!
  18. Love is addictive, I am dependent on you.
  19. Since yesterday I am totally confused because deep in my heart what happened. It was a wonderful day I realized that I like you scary!
  20. Love is the most delicious dish: Let's eat together.
  21. I would never have believed that such a thing existed - but I fell madly in love with you.
  22. In me burns a true glow. You are more important to me than good and good. Someone like you only meets once in a lifetime. For you I would give up everything without hesitation.
  23. I love you
  24. You are the star I think of. You are the star I give away to myself. You are the star of confidence. Which means: I love you !!!
  25. If you had to give the word love a new name, only one would think of me and yours!
  26. If I had two more breaths, I would take one to give you a kiss and the other to tell you: I love you!
  27. I want to be the wind gently brushing your hair, the sun warming you tenderly and the moon guarding your sleep.
  28. In love, opposites take off.
  29. In my life you are the light. You give me warmth and confidence.
  30. I love you from here to the moon and back again.
  31. A little cute cuddly cute looks over to you. He looks after you today very doll and wishes you a good night.
  32. My love is a door that is always open for you.
  33. Love alone understands the secret of bestowing gifts on others and becoming rich themselves.
  34. How can you always manage to beat my pulse like that? Unfortunately, you do not want to reveal it because wizards never show their cards.
  35. I am very happy that you are in my life and for a thousand years I want to tell you: I love you!
  36. All the wealth of this world is completely worthless beside you
  37. If one's loyalty is fun, then it's love.
  38. For me, you are the 6th lottery, the cream in coffee, the ace in poker, the jackpot in my life, in short - the best that could happen to me!
  39. Do you have hiccups? NO? * Kopfschüttel * Do I have to remind you again that I think of you?
  40. The very best here on earth is to be loved by you.
  41. There are people I like, there are people I hate, there are people without whom I can not live.
  42. I saw spring, summer, autumn and winter. But none of the four natural disasters impressed me as much as a smile from you.
  43. You and I we are one. I can not hurt you without hurting myself.
  44. You give me warmth and energy, you are my sun!
  45. The difference between a shooting star and you? When I see a shooting star, I can wish for something. When I see you, my wish has already come true.

  1. You should know how I am, you've really screwed my head! Fate has brought us together, the rest is now in our power !!!
  2. This is an SMS-bussi, hold your cheek, cuddle briefly and think of the one who sent it to you. Repeat as needed !!
  3. I'm not jealous, I'm just defending what's mine.
  4. When you fall from the pink clouds of our shared dream, I catch you.
  5. True love opens its arms and closes its eyes.
  6. You can cross me times .... smooch and hug. I'm happy for that.
  7. This is a voucher SMS! It applies to an infinite number of kisses and must be redeemed by tomorrow at the latest ...!
  8. Must constantly think of you, try in vain to distract me! I am so glad that you exist, because I love you very much!
  9. If every single thought I had of you was an inch long, then I'd be with you already.
  10. I do not want to stop kissing you because I will miss you so much. My heart is alone now, and for a while I will be lonely.
  11. A kiss is a thing that requires both hands.
  12. No one has your voice, no one laughs like you, no one is like you, nobody, because you are unique.
  13. Take my hand and never let it go.
  14. I'll soon go to my bed and float on a cloud, I'll only dream of you - oh how I wish you were here now.
  15. If you were a rose in the desert, I would kneel in front of you and cry, lest you wither.
  16. Love only know those who really love.
  17. I'm on my way home and have the feeling that I forgot something. Now I am at home and I know what I miss - you!
  18. If you had been on the Titanic, it would not have fallen, because you would have melted the iceberg with your eyes!
  19. My phone works with heart beating power! Since I know you, it never failed!
  20. I love you, I love you. The dearest for you. In love, me.
  21. The night is breaking, the stars are sparkling, do we want to roam in the dark? And before you know it, you're in love head over heels.
  22. If I were a pirate you would be my most valuable treasure and I would bury you in my heart.
  23. Cupid has hit in the middle of my heart. Since then I feel somehow drunk. Only that it is better than any drunkenness, because it feels like bliss.
  24. My heart that cries for you, but you are no longer here. Therefore I go to sleep now and command the little star to tell you: I like you!
  25. I would like to be your bedding, then I always fell asleep with you. I would wrap myself around you very tenderly and fill your sleep with dreams.
  26. A sweet frit from afar sends you a handful of stars. Wish you a good night, until the morning light awakens!
  27. When I saw your eyes, I did not realize what was happening to me.
  28. My sweet dream, I love you and would like to see you again, That's why I'm going to go to sleep now.

  1. There are many angels in heaven - but only one on earth and with that I want to be happy!
  2. My heart is no longer beating for me alone, meaning I love you!
  3. You are the sun for me, you are the bliss for me, you are for me the happiness of the world, I hope you like it.
  4. With you the heaviness becomes light, the cloudy light and the narrowness wide. Raven black turns sky blue, in the shade the sun rises, a drop becomes the ocean.
  5. Your love is like the salt in the soup, the spice of my life.
  6. Have your face in front of my eyes. Your fragrance in my nose, because your voice sounded in my ears, your name in my heart - just a thought in my head: I love you.
  7. Can not sleep or eat. I am completely obsessed with you. Everything is dark without you. Only when you come, it gets brighter and my pulse beats faster.
  8. The sun shines into your heart. I love you! You are never alone!
  9. You give me strength to look forward, you make me laugh, surround me with love. I want to build my future with you because you are the compass of my life.
  10. Jealousy is a passion that zealously seeks to create suffering.
  11. Whenever your name illuminates my display, my heart beats with joy, the butterflies fly in my belly, then I know, I'll always love you!
  12. "Is it worth it?" Asks the head. "No, but it does so well!" Replies the heart.
  13. Cuddle your pillow, cuddle up, in your dreams I will always be with you. I love you!!!
  14. I'll go with you to the end of the world, until the end of time ... Until it falls snow falling.

Show your feelings through deeds too

Romantic love sayings are good and beautiful, but do you show your feelings for the other person also through your actions? Often it is little things that make the other person a great pleasure and show that it is important to us.

For example, when he or she comes home from work and we have conjured the favorite food. or if we bring a small package of chocolates from the store.

How exactly you can show your feelings to your partner also depends on which type of love he or she corresponds to. For example, some people feel loved above all by words. For these people, our love sayings are perfect. Others, in turn, feel loved when the partner wants to spend as much time with them as possible. Still others give little attention to words, but focus on the partner's support and tasks, such as the weekly shopping. Find out more about the different types of love here.

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