239 Friendships for your best friends

239 friendships

Sayings for friends you care about

Whether between a woman and a man, between a woman and a woman or a man and a man. A good friendship is something wonderful and can build a similar deep bond between people as a partnership.

If your friends are the most important thing in your life, here's a list of 239 friendships, whether profound, emotional, retrospective, or just funny. We are guaranteed something for everyone.

Personal friendships for your friends

  1. You are the friend who is always there for me, who always listens to me, who is most important to me, who understands me. I thank you for that!
  2. Even if I say that I'm fine, you realize that's not true.
  3. Life is never perfect, but there are special moments that make it worth living, and there are people who make those moments perfect. To these people you count for me.
  4. When life gives me a hundred reasons to cry, you make me have a thousand reasons to smile.
  5. We are like two puzzle pieces: so different, and yet we fit together perfectly.
  6. For many people, only my mouth smiles. My heart smiles at you.
  7. I do not necessarily have to go to the sea. With you by my side I can also look at a bucket of water and feel good.
  8. For the world you are somebody, but for me you are the world.
  9. You know my vulnerable spots - and cover them with balm.
  10. You are my rock in the surf, on which I can always save myself.
  11. You are to me like a star in the sky that radiates more than any other.
  12. Even though we are so far apart, in my heart you are always close to me.
  13. You make me laugh even when I feel like crying.
  14. No way is too far with you by my side.
  15. No matter how deep you sink, I may not pull you up, but I will do my best not to let you down.
  16. When I cry, you catch my tears. When I laugh, you laugh with me. If I have a problem, you try to solve it. When I'm sad, I'll be happy through you again. When I'm in a bad mood, you cheer me up. When we quarrel, we quickly reconcile. That's true friendship!
  17. Many people enter my life, but few leave traces in my heart like you.
  18. Just a glimpse of you, and I know what you think, just a word, and I know what you want to say.
  19. It is good to know that I have found a good friend in you.
  20. I do not like you because you are who you are, but who I am when I am with you.
  21. And sometimes you are infinitely grateful for meeting a certain person and having him in your life. This person is you!

Friendships from philosophers

Even these poets and thinkers have already written beautiful sayings about the friendship from short to long.

The proverbs are for good friends to whom you want to say how important they are to you. If you are looking for love spells for a non-platonic relationship, then click here.

  1. Really good friends are people who know us very well and nonetheless stay with us - Marie von Ebner Eschenbach
  2. "Friend in need" does not mean much, some people would like to prove helpful. But those who begrudge you a lucky envy you can truly call them friends - Paul von Heyse
  3. The real task of a friend is to assist you when you are wrong. Everyone is on your side, if you're right - Mark Twain
  4. True Friendship is a very slow growing plant - George Washington
  5. A wound that hits a friend does not heal - Afrik. saying
  6. Two friends must resemble each other in the heart, in everything else they can be fundamentally different - Sully Prudhomme
  7. A little friendship is worth more to me than the admiration of the whole world - Otto von Bismarck
  8. I love the friend who keeps faith in the temptations. Because if there was no temptation, there would be no faith, and then I would not have a friend - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  9. Two people can talk together under the same roof for many years, but never meet, and two others are the same old friends in the first sentences -, - * Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  10. We can not name the exact moment when a friendship arises. Like a jug filled drop by drop until one last drop makes it overflow
  11. so, in a friendship, there are a variety of kindnesses to the one that overflows the heart - James Boswell
  12. A safe friend can be recognized in uncertainty -Cicero
  13. Not the lack of love but the lack of friendship makes the most unhappy marriages - Friedrich Nietzsche
  14. The best way to have a boyfriend is to be one yourself - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  15. Friendship flows from many sources, the purest of respect - Daniel Defoe
  16. Friendship is the noblest feeling the human heart is capable of - Carl Hilty
  17. Friendship is a capital from which interest rates are never lost - Johann Georg Hamann
  18. The artist can not wish for anything better than rough friends and polite enemies - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

  1. God give us the friendship. One almost wants to believe that one is not alone - Kurt Tucholsky
  2. The friendship proud seal carry many who flee treacherously in the exam - Friedrich Schiller
  3. From kinship one can remove benevolence, not from friendship - Cicero
  4. The most painful wounds, beaten us by enemies who carry the friendship larva - Friedrich von Bodenstedt
  5. So that is not friendship, that if one does not want to hear the truth, the other is ready to lie - Cicero
  6. Friendship, that is one soul in two bodies. - Aristotle
  7. A real friendship usually lasts longer than the greatest love - Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim
  8. Only those who can make friends, is in life great! - Jole von Weissenberg
  9. He who does not honor friendship is not worthy of love! - Wolf Dietrich
  10. You can not count on anything in life ... except for real friends! - Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim
  11. Any good friendship forgives one or the other bad habit - Jole von Weissenberg
  12. Good friends can be recognized by the fact that they can also listen! - Jole von Weissenberg
  13. To talk about the partner, you need friends! - Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim
  14. The partner should ideally also be the best friend, but the best friend is not necessarily the ideal partner - Wolf Dietrich
  15. It is most beautiful when friendship and love go hand in hand! - Wolf Dietrich
  16. If you have friends for life, you also enjoy life! - Jole von Weissenberg
  17. Friends should be like open books - Wolf Dietrich
  18. If you gave a man all the glory of the world, what's the use of having no friend to whom he can say it? - Catharina Elisabeth Goethe
  19. It should be a friend of the friend's weaknesses - William Shakespeare
  20. Friendship lasts the longest when it is sealed with the mutual promise to always tell the truth - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  21. It does not matter that friends come together, but that they agree - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  22. Friendship from the movie The 3 from the gas station: A friend a good friend - that's the best thing in the world

More nice friendships

  1. Good friends usually only become recognizable when life becomes difficult.
  2. Friends are like mirrors, they do not laugh when you cry.
  3. Keep word. Hold hands. Keep to each other. Keep up.
  4. Listening to music you once loved is like meeting an old friend again.
  5. Friends are like stars, you can not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
  6. If you have good friends, you have done everything right.
  7. The people who love you the way you really are are your true friends.
  8. If you have a true friend, then you have not missed anything in life.
  9. If you lost a friend because you were honest, it was not a friend either.
  10. Because our friendship is more valuable than gold can ever be.
  11. Friendship is when you do not have to say anything and yet you understand it very well.
  12. The flower blooms only a short time, our friendship blooms for eternity.
  13. A true friend is always there for you. Not one day, not two. But forever.
  14. I would never say goodbye to good people. I hope I will see her again someday.
  15. The best people are the ones who stay, even though they do not have to.
  16. Friends behind you, whatever you do. Priceless.
  17. The joy that you give to others keeps coming back to you.
  18. The older we get, the smaller our wishlist, because the things we really want, you can not buy.
  19. Normal friends buy you something to eat, best friends eat your food.
  20. Dear one or two true friends, than 10 wrong ones.
  21. No matter how hard the road is, we'll go it together!
  22. You do not need much to be happy. You only need the most important people at your side.
  23. Anyone who has me as a friend can rely 100% on me. Who has me to the enemy too.
  24. Good friends help you find things again when you've lost them. Your smile. Your hope. Your courage.
  25. Good friends give a kisses. Friends for life you give your heart.
  26. Friendships are not about who came first and who knows whom longest, but who came and stayed.
  27. We should devote our time to the people who really value it.
  28. Time is precious, as if it's with the right people.
  29. The right people never disturb!
  30. Friendship is like a marriage, only without a contract.
  31. Friendship does not have to be perfect, only real.
  32. A good friend knows all your stories, your best friend has experienced them all with you.
  33. I like people with whom even totally meaningless conversations make sense.
  34. No matter how little time you have, for family and friends you should always take your time.
  35. There are people who remind you who you really are.
  36. Friendship is like a relationship, lacking trust, it loses its value.
  37. The best people you meet when you are not looking for them
  38. Friendship is when you do not clean up when the visit comes.
  39. There are people in my life that I would have liked to know sooner.
  40. A true friend is someone who has as much clapping as you.
  41. If a person knows you from all your sides and still likes you, he is a true friend.
  42. We do not have to write daily, we've gotten older, we all have a lot to do. But I am for you then if something is.
  43. You do not need anyone in life who carries you on hands. You need someone who will not let you down.
  44. A real friend is someone who does not want to change you, because he likes you the way you are.
  45. True friendship does not mean inseparability. It means being able to be separated without changing anything.
  46. There are two types of people. With some you lose time, with others you forget the time.
  47. I always wanted to win the lottery. But when I see my family and friends, I know that I have already won.
  48. True friends recognize even in the rain when you cry.
  49. It is easier to recognize good friends when life becomes more difficult.
  50. Friendship is when you just sit around for hours talking about things that have been talked about a thousand times.
  51. It's called friendship because you can do anything with friends.
  52. I wish you the wind in the back that drives you. And the sun on your face, which warms you.
  53. The best friends are the ones who will contact you if they do not need you.
  54. Friendship is a wonderful gift in life. Because friends bring back your smile when you lose it.
  55. The right people do not change you, they improve you.
  56. Real friends do not always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.
  57. Friendship is, when you first meet again after a long time, the feeling of having only seen yesterday.
  58. Friendship is really only a small word, but of great importance if taken seriously.
  59. Friends are like a piece of paper, you have to hold on to it, otherwise it will fly away.
  60. Fight for love, but die for friendship.
  61. Real friends do not live apart, even if they do not talk to each other every day.
  62. Time does not heal wounds, you right people.
  63. I like friendships that feel good to the inside and are not only beautiful on the outside.
  64. True friends are the ones who do not want to pull you upright when you're down. Set up true friends.
  65. Spend your time with people who make you happy. Not with those you have to impress.
  66. People with whom even doing nothing is fun, you should keep.
  67. Friendship is like a rubber band stretched between two people. If one lets go, it hurts the other.
  68. If I could decide again whom I meet, you would definitely be there.
  69. The best friends are not the ones you see every day, but the ones you carry in your heart.
  70. False friends believe rumors. Real people believe in you.
  71. When you talk to the right people, it does not matter what you're talking about.
  72. It does not matter where you are, as long as you're with the right person.
  73. You first have to get to know the wrong people to know who the right ones are.
  74. I need people to hold on to me. I have been released so often.
  75. I can not forget many things, just do not forget. And I'll never forget who was there for me when I felt bad.
  76. Nice if you find people whose heads had the same interior designer as you.
  77. No matter what the time with us, thank you for having laughed so often with me.
  78. We live for the nights nobody can remember. With the people we will never forget.
  79. A friend is a person who likes you even though he knows you.
  80. I have no friends, I have a select collection of madmen.
  81. Friends are guides to the true self.
  82. You have many friends when you count them, but only a few when you need them.
  83. Best Friends: Know how crazy you are and still dare to speak to you in public.
  84. You do not need to look for friends. You find yourself.
  85. There are no random meetings. Every person in our lives is either a test, a punishment or a gift.
  86. Friends are the ones who always adhere to you, even if they do not understand your decision.
  87. If you go the right way with the wrong people, you will not reach your goal even then.
  88. True friends defend you even in your absence.
  89. True friends never demand, they recognize and give.
  90. True friends are the ones who tell you when you're annoying.
  91. Proper friends are not the ones who tell your mistakes everywhere, but those who accept your mistakes
  92. With real friends you have so much fun that you forget the seriousness of life sometimes.
  93. I would move mountains for you, I would never hurt you. I would risk everything for you, because I never want to lose.
  94. Whether you are poor or rich. Whether you are black or white. We should never part with anything, we will always call ourselves friends.
  95. Having friends means a lot in life. But you always have to cultivate friendship. That's why I finally want to tell you. How nice it is to have you!
  96. The friendship that ends never really started.
  97. A true friend is like the first great love, only better.
  98. A friend understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you the way you are today.
  99. True friends are like roses in the desert, rare and unique.
  100. The greatest happiness in this world is not wealth and no money. I want to tell you the biggest one: it's someone like you to know.
  101. The friends you can call at 4:00 am counting!
  102. A true friend believes in you, even if you've lost your faith in yourself long ago.
  103. Happiness does not mean having everything you want, but having people you need.
  104. Friends are like shoes, when you're young you can not have enough and later you realize that it's always the same with which you feel comfortable.
  105. Never forget your best friend even if you are in a relationship.
  106. Every encounter is like a blank slate on which the common story has yet to be written.
  107. Friends are like trees, it does not matter how many they are, only how deep their roots are.
  108. Friends listen to you when you speak. But only the best hear what you do not say.
  109. True friends see your mistakes and draw your attention! False friends see your mistakes and alert others!
  110. Many people enter our lives, but only a few special ones leave their mark on our hearts.
  111. Some people do not know how important it is that they are there, how good it is to see them, how comforting their laughter is, how refreshing their closeness is, how much poorer we would be without them, and that they are a gift from us Heavens are.
  112. We do not need the friends to need them, but to have the certainty that we are allowed to use them.
  113. A true friend takes your hand and touches your heart.
  114. Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.
  115. You can not buy friends, but who owns them is a rich person.
  116. The most beautiful memories are those who conjure up a smile on your lips when thinking back.
  117. Take time for your friends or your time will take away your friends.
  118. There are two types of friends: some are priceless, others priceless
  119. On the paths of friendship you should not let any grass grow.
  120. Even if the friendship passes, the memory remains.
  121. Your friends are worth gold? Mine are priceless.
  122. At some point one realizes, which humans one really needs in which not.
  123. Sometimes we expect more from others because we are ready for them to do just as much.
  124. Sometimes you lose sight of yourself, but not from the heart.
  125. Never forget who was there for you when you felt bad.
  126. There are friendships that are decided in heaven and performed on earth.
  127. Good friends do not reassure you. They get upset with you.
  128. For true friends I go through hell. I like to show others the way there.
  129. Are you sad, are you worried? Should I borrow you my smile? Use it well, it brings you luck and if you do not need it, give it back to me sometime.
  130. For many people, only my mouth smiles. My heart smiles at you.
  131. I do not necessarily have to go to the sea. With you by my side, I can also look at a bucket of water and feel good.
  132. Friends do not recognize how they praise you, but how they criticize you.
  133. Friendship is like a magic that makes good times even better and makes you forget bad times.
  134. Every moment can be the most beautiful, you just have to know who you share it with.
  135. Friends are people who do not show you the way, but just walk it with you.
  136. Friendship should never be taken for granted, because true friendship is almost as rare as great love.
  137. The fact that we change over time makes us lose no friends. It just makes us see who our true friends are.
  138. Really behind you is, who also times before you.
  139. Luck acquires friends, misfortune proves it.
  140. You do not win friends, you recognize them.
  141. Friendship without trust is like a flower without fragrance.
  142. Although distance can separate friends, true friendship never separates them.
  143. A true friend will always be with you, no matter how successful your life or yours is.
  144. And suddenly there is someone who just dumps a few buckets of paint into your life and makes your world colorful again.
  145. Hard times also have their positive sides. Because they show us who our true friends are. And with them we can really enjoy the good times.
  146. Friendship is a door between two people. She can sometimes pinch, she can creak, but she is never locked.
  147. With some people are a few hours together, as relaxing as two weeks vacation
  148. Happiness means having people who do you good. Forgive your mistake. Understand your dreams. Share your smile with you and always stand by your side when you need them.
  149. Memories hold together. Forever.
  150. Common memories are hot water bottles for the heart.
  151. Good friends are with us even in difficult times.
  152. Not everyone has to like me, it's enough if the right people do it.
  153. When you say "I need you, " a true friend does not ask "When?" Or "Why?". The only question he asks is, "Where are you?"
  154. In a good friendship they often say to each other: "Nobody is allowed to hear us either".
  155. People who can make you smile, even though you do not feel like laughing, are the ones who make life more beautiful.
  156. The friend who gives you the plaster is often much more important than the plaster itself.
  157. Friends are the family you can choose.
  158. You batty, I batty, we friends.
  159. Not everything has to make sense with good friends. It's enough if it's fun.
  160. Soul mates do not seek each other. You find yourself.
  161. In the end, only the people you count on to answer the question, "Everything's okay with you?"
  162. Flowers can not bloom without the warmth of the sun. People can not be human without the warmth of friendship.
  163. The reward of friendship is herself.
  164. The wound a friend strikes never heals.
  165. A friend behind you strengthens your back. A friend in front of you shows you the way. But most important is a friend by your side.
  166. A life without love is lonely. A life without hope is cruel. A life without trust is empty. - But a life without friends is no longer life.
  167. A winter without snow, a spring without clover, a summer without wasp sting. That would be friendship without you.
  168. A good friend will never let you do stupid things ... alone!
  169. True friendship lasts a lifetime.
  170. A friendship is perfect when you feel one, but two stays.
  171. Once, love asked the friendship, "What is it for you, if there is me?" The friendship replied, "To make a smile there, where you leave a tear.
  172. Friends are like contact lenses: once you lose them, you will never find them again.
  173. Friendship is a gift and a task at the same time.
  174. Friendship is like money, easy to acquire and difficult to obtain.
  175. Friendship is when someone says to you: "Feel like home" and you succeed immediately.
  176. Friendships start with encounters ... Somehow Somewhere Somewhere ... And you have no idea that this can become one of the most important people in your life.
  177. Friendships lasting more than 10 years last a lifetime.
  178. Better three real opponents than a wrong friend.

Conclusion on friendships

Small friendships preserve the friendship. Show your friends that you think about them.

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