23 ways you can give men a lift

Some men just deserve to be kicked off

Here the most beautiful baskets for men from the practice ...

It is a warm summer day and you are already looking forward to the shopping tour with your girlfriend. You got up early and get ready. Quickly put on some short shorts, on the feet you wear shoes with a slight heel and in your hair you turn summery curls into it. You almost feel like you're on vacation. Now it goes out on the street and off to the agreed meeting place.

On the way there you can feel the looks of many men. You enjoy it, after all, it's good for your self-esteem. But as soon as men see a little more bare skin than they are used to, they seem to completely lose their mind.

From almost every corner it hails a stupid saying after the other. And many guys have apparently still not figured out that whistling should be just a stupid stereotype and should not be used in real life.

Sometimes it just takes a sharp tongue and a cheeky basket to put intrusive guys back in their place. After all, every woman wants to be charmingly conquered, even if she is dressed more liberally. On level, stupid sayings no one has buck. And those pushy guys who think they can have it all just have to learn it's not going to work that way.

How to get to know your trolley types!

23 suggestions on how to refuse intrusive and rude guys:

  1. Thank you. I'm flattered. But you are not my type.
  2. Sorry I only care about women.
  3. Do not react to him.
  4. Talk to my hand. (he says something else ...) No talk to my elbow.
  5. Sorry, but I have a friend.
  6. Thank you. Love you, but do not care who else.
  7. Many Thanks. But that just does not fit my life.
  8. No!!!
  9. I have no time
  10. Bold, but, sorry, that will not work
  11. Ask those over there ...
  12. Wrong time. or not now.
  13. That's nice to hear. Unfortunately, you asked the wrong person.
  14. Hi I am ... Wow, I would not have dared to do that now, but unfortunately I have to disappoint you. The next time will definitely work.
  15. Do you know the zonk? (He says something / nothing) I'm the zonk!
  16. Your best friend saves you. Agreed a sign.
  17. You are too young / too old for me.
  18. Thank you, but my friend is coming to pick me up.
  19. Do you happen to be related to Chuck Norris? (…) Yes then not.
  20. Thx, I'm already married to my dog.
  21. Come on, let it be good.
  22. You are really cute, but I am already happy.
  23. You're late, I'm engaged.

Should I even react to a stupid saying?

Not in every situation it is necessary to take such drastic measures to give a guy a dissipation. Often it is enough to ignore the annoying guy. Because most men do not dare to address a woman offensively in everyday life.

What we women experience on a daily basis are mostly men, who are best still walking across the street, constantly calling something to us or cars driving past us and suddenly honking. In such a case, it is best to ignore the guys icy cold and not pay attention to a glance.

Because why should we irritate our vocal cords to call a dumb saying to those guys across the street? We do not need that. In addition, ignoring is extremely effective. The guys have to learn painfully that every woman wants to be treated politely and courteously and does not condescend to the level of responding to a stupid spell or even to follow-up whistle.

In addition, we make this a huge favor to the rest of the women's world: For the men learn that they have to come up with something better in the future with other women. So we do not have to have a guilty conscience right now. Rude types discourage? Definitely!

Not always a nasty basket is attached

Intrusive types who think they are the greatest, truly deserve no better than to be ignored by us. They are quite right when we give them a rebuff.

But when we wait for our girlfriend and are suddenly approached by a man who smiles at us in a friendly manner and has taken all his courage to tell us that we are really pretty, then he has shown so much character that we are different from ours should show friendly side.

Because now we have to be so fair that we do not destroy his self-confidence. Even if we are not interested because we are already forgiven or perhaps in love, we should respond with a smile and explain that we really appreciate it, but that we are already in a happy relationship.

The additional statement that it works for another determined, cheers him up and we feel ourselves also good. Because honestly, is there a greater compliment than to be honest and friendly by a strange man, because he finds us interesting?

Maybe we also notice that the man is interested in us? In this case, we should definitely go to him. Yes, maybe we will see our friend approaching from a distance and yes, maybe we have decided to keep our hands off the dear men in the future.

But as chance sometimes happens, we usually meet our dream man exactly when it actually suits us the least. And we should not deprive ourselves of the chance to meet a possibly stunning man, just because we have an appointment right now or because our last separation is not too long ago. Life is always surprises, and we should gratefully accept them.

Perhaps you are just at a turning point in your life and have decided to take things into your own hands. Because only when we have the courage to change our lives, it really changes.

You do not want to wait any longer for your dream man and hope every day that you are suddenly addressed by anyone? You want to actively meet men without being desperate?

Then a flirting seminar for women is just the thing for you. Here you will learn how to make men aware of you in your everyday life and how to get them to speak to you. You learn how men really tick and what you have to do to make a lasting impression.

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