23 flirting tools that you can use to impress women

How you can impress women as a man

You want to impress women on the first date and leave an impression that remains in your memory?

The first date is crucial! No wonder then that some preparations should be made for this. Both in terms of appearance, as well as the companies and the topics of conversation. There is much that can go wrong. But for you now turns the tide! We've put together 17 flirting tools that you can use to impress women and charm them on the first date.

Tips for the first kiss with her

Our flirt tools for your date

1. Outfittery makes for a glamorous appearance

You have no plan what to wear on your first date? In general, it is difficult for you to decide which clothes fit together and what should not be combined at all? Then take a look at Outfittery, Here you will, matching your size and your style, a cool combination together.

2. Time for new glasses that fits your face

There is nothing that changes a person's face more than the frame of the glasses. In order for you to find the right one, you can upload a picture of yourself at Mister Spex and try out what you like and what does not work on the internet.

3. Beard is in, but please maintained!

More and more men are wearing beards. This looks sexy, noble, stylish and manly. No wonder that more and more men sprout their facial hair. But please maintained. Total wild growth on the face does not attract anyone. Even a full beard wants to be regularly trimmed into shape, preferably by a barber (who finally knows what he is doing). On the Beard and Shave page, you'll find everything your beard likes.

4. The right fragrance highlights your look

Fragrances imprint on our nose and stay in our memories for a long time. It is therefore time that you also order the right fragrance at Flaconi.de.

5. Know what is worth seeing in your environment

You have a first date soon, but you still do not know exactly what you want to do with her? Make yourself on the side of Marco Polo free of charge, what is worth seeing in your city, where to eat well and what to do.

6. The right seating for the date in the park

Not in the mood to sit uncomfortably in the park on a towel? Then check out the sofas that inflate themselves. The brand Fatboy offers a variety of seating, perfect for your appointment in the park.

7. Board games are not so uncool

Hand on heart: When did you last play a parlor game in your life? Sounds pretty lame, right? There is nothing cooler for a date at the lake, as if you are not just sunbathing, but sells the time with a few cool parlor games. How about a round of giant Mikado? Believe us, board games are so retro, you can impress all women!

8. Skills in the kitchen are always well received!

It does not matter if you invite her to cook together or if you would like to prepare a cocktail for her. Do it, but do it! If she realizes at first meetings with you that you do not even know that you are salting pasta water, she will be unpleasantly surprised. It's best to cook a trial passage a day before, so you're on the safe side. Delicious recipes for food and drinks can be found on the chef.

9. Be up to date with policy

Of course, you want to flirt and do not talk about politics. But often it is just that you talk during a conversation on current day topics. And even if they are touched briefly, you have absolutely no idea, this is quite uncomfortable.

In addition, the lady will feel that you are not interested in anything. So click on Tagesschau.de once a day. Even if you do not talk about politics while flirting, that's part of the general education. And with general education, one can finally impress women.

10. Think about cool topics of conversation

Most people fear nothing more about a date than silence. With the right topics to talk about, you not only keep your conversation going, but you get to know each other better and have a great time.

11. Be open to toys and aids

Yes, toys have a bad reputation. And yet, they spice up sex life. And who knows, maybe you'll land at your home on your first date? Whether lubrication gel or if a vibrator, with Amorelie no wish remains unfulfilled.

12. No woman says to a romantic massage no

But massaging wants to be learned. Some press too hard, the others are so gentle that you do not feel anything at all. On the Easy Back Massage page, you can read about how your massage will be soothing and relaxing.

13. Know the hottest clubs in your area

Of course, before you jump into nightlife to meet women, you should inquire about which clubs have a high proportion of women at all. For that matter, you are perfectly advised with our list of wild parties.

14. Make your home attractive to the female sex too

Imagine that suddenly you have a one night stand and there is Star Trek bedding on your bed. Ups. Design your home to suit you. Chic, noble, manly. And no, of course you do not have to buy a completely new home furnishings.

But just in case you visit ladies more often, you should definitely get a few trifles, for example a trash can in the bathroom (which every woman needs for hygiene articles). So take a look at Ikea and think about what should be in your apartment soon.

15. Music provides the right mood

Of course, with the appropriate music, you also take care of the romantic mood. Create a cool playlist on Spotify before the date or listen to our playlist love songs.

16. Music is also good on the go

But you only get a good effect with the music at the picnic in the park if the songs are not played in lousy quality from your mobile phone. Are you the type who likes to have good music on the lake or somewhere else, you should also invest a little money and buy a small mobile music system. If you do not want to spend money, you should better abstain from the music and have some nice conversations.

17th And of course, the film for the movie night will be carefully selected

But do not worry, we can help you here too: The best films for the first date.

For you, the problem is not s.First Date but because you do not get any dates? You do not know how to impress women and get them to give you their numbers?

Then it's time for a flirt coaching! Our flea experts tell us what women really stand for and practice working with you, in the middle of the street, to speak to foreign women. What will cost you at the beginning is more and more fun in the end and you will find that you too are well received by women.

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