21 + 5 places to meet women

Getting to know women made easy in everyday life

Although you are always on the move, do not you just get to know attractive women and look for concrete places to meet women? Your buddies have happy relationships, only you can not find a girlfriend? You may find in this post a few places to meet women that you can use to meet the future woman by your side.

The tastes are different and everyone should look for their own field of play to address women (instructions for getting started in getting to know women in everyday situations).

For all offline locations, the more comfortable you feel about the place or activity, the easier it is for you to meet, seduce, and thrill a woman.

We help you with our list 21 + 5 places to meet women. Let me tell you, there is no shortage of places to get to know women, many of the places you encounter constantly in everyday life. Instead, you must learn to recognize and use those opportunities. This list should help you to know where to look for your dream girl.

1. Get to know the place for women: The train ride

Maybe you'll commute to work every morning, but you certainly have not thought of talking to women in the meantime. If you do not stare at your smartphone all the time but pay attention to the seats around you, you'll always find great ladies on the train or in the S-Bahn.

2. Get to know the place for women: the shooting festival

In villages the shooting festival is always the highlight of the whole year. Everything talks about it until it's time, it is over is also talked about. Even decades later, villagers can remember every single shooting festival.

One thing you can be sure of is that the entire village will be present at the shooting festival without exception. So you have a huge selection of single-ladies available. The extraordinary level of alcohol at rifle festivals is sure to make your response and dialogue easier. After a shooter festival, you do not have to spend the night alone.

3. Get to know the place for women: the walk with your dog

You have your dog? Fine! Then you have to go out with your four-legged friend at least three times a day anyway. You must have noticed for yourself that dog owners are very sociable with each other. Soon you come to talk about dog breeds, education, etc. Talk to a woman who you find particularly beautiful. You will see, not only your dogs will like each other.

4. Get to know the place for women: the hostel

You are on vacation or you are currently traveling elsewhere and would like to stay as cheap as possible. As a hostel of course offers. A nice side effect is that unlike a hotel you are not sitting alone in your room and staring into the tube. Instead, you get the opportunity to make many acquaintances, of course, with women.

Get to know women while traveling

There are more tricks to meet women in the hostel in this YouTube video

You want to learn how to get into conversation with her naturally and get to know her in peace?

Then click here.

5. Get to know the place for women: headphone party

Of course, in the evenings in bars, pubs and clubs, it offers itself anyway to address women. The problem, however, is often the enormous volume. Have you ever tried to talk to a girl in a disco? If you have to yell at each other to understand each other, that's not very cool.

In this case, headphone parties are particularly interesting for you. You have good music on your ears, dance and look for pretty women. Once you have found your dream lady, you can make eye contact and simply pick up your headphones for a conversation. There is no problem with the volume and you can devote yourself to your conversation in peace.

In the following links you can find next to numerous great events and the next appointment for a headphone game near you.

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Headphone parties in Munich: Streetlive Festival Munich

6. Get to know the place for women: At the beach

Many are in the south in search of a nice holiday flirt or an affair. As a destination to get to know women, the bar or the disco is usually chosen in the evenings. Take a look out of the crowd and try to talk to a woman during the day. Particularly well suited for this is the beach.

Put your towel in a place of your choice and ask a nice girl near you if she can cream your back. Since it comes here directly to body contact, you should ask particularly polite, not that your contact subsequently obscene acts. However, you should not choose this kind of response if you forgot to remove your back hair before your vacation. The lady of your choice is likely to find that less attractive.

7. Get to know the place for women: in the university cafeteria

As a student, you will often come into the situation that you are hungry at home and just do not feel like having to go shopping for cooking. It's better to take the bus to the cafeteria. Again, you can chat to great girls. And ideally they will not run away from you because they want to eat their menu first.

Just ask a pretty woman if the space next to her is still empty (canteens are usually overcrowded anyway) and smile at them. She certainly will not say no. Now you have created a lot of time, just as long as it takes to eat. Of course, that does not just apply to the university cafeteria. If you have already arrived in the right working life and you always lunch there to eat in a bistro or similar. Go, you can also sit there to nice women.

8. Get to know the place for women: the beach volleyball field

It's great weather, the sun is really falling from the sky, in your apartment it's warm and stuffy and you happen to have some free time too? Then off to the swimming pool with you. Of course, you should not only lie there on your towel all the time, watching the beautiful curves of women afterwards, but become active.

Super is suitable for this beach volleyball field. Women like sporty men. And after each round there is a break. In that you have enough time to start a conversation with your playing partners (or opponents), as a topic for the beginning, of course, offers sports.

9. Get to know the place for women: the rock concert

You feel that the perfect place to meet women is at the club in the evenings. There, the mood is alcoholic thanks to alcohol, the girls are more open and many are looking to meet a great man. There is only one problem: You can not stand pop, house, and hip-hop music just to death.

Good that there are so many different styles of music. Because especially at a rock concert you will find many women on site who adore the band. Not only the club or the disco have flirting potential. But think about it when talking: Superfluous questions like "And you think the band is good too?" You should of course refrain.

10. Get to know the place for women: The beverage and supermarket

You do not feel like going out and about or going to huge events just to meet nice girls? Then look more into your everyday life. In the beverage market, for example, you can meet great women. Help a nice woman and help her lift down a heavy crate.

Of course you should definitely get involved in a conversation afterwards. Maybe you go your way to the cashier still together? You could even help her to load the boxes into the car and charmingly ask for her number. Clarify your intentions calmly, after all you do not carry the drinks for a strange woman every day.

11. Get to know the place for women: the park

Even if you are not a dog owner, this place is perfect for you to make contacts. You will also find a park in almost every city. Just stroll comfortably through the park and keep an eye out for it. You will find that you will discover a great woman somewhere. Just go and talk to her. This is especially useful if your chosen one is sitting on a bench or lying on a meadow, where she can not just walk past you. You'd have to make big mistakes in response so she'll get up extra to leave.

12. Getting to know women's place: the festival

Such a rock concert is nice and good. But unfortunately you were unlucky and you stood very far back, while most of the pretty women just were not around. And thanks to the huge crowd it was simply impossible to get through to the women. The upgrade to a rock concert can be found at a festival.

There you are not only present at several concerts, but if you're lucky, maybe even your tent neighbor is pretty cute. Otherwise, during the day run over the festival area. The mood at a festival anyway is omitted the whole time, contacts are made very quickly. (Click here for the current top 10 festivals for 2017 that are best for getting to know a woman)

13. Get to know the place for women: Saturn and Media Markt

Go through your female circle of friends quickly in your thoughts. How many of the ladies have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop? And now think about how many of the girls really know about technology?

If you happen to be downtown, try it out. Just go to the smartphone or laptop department, you will definitely find a woman looking helpless. Maybe you can help her? Of course, you should look for a different place to address women, if you do not even know about the technique.

14. Get to know the place for women: Neonsplash

You like to go to fancy parties, normal discos boring you and always just sitting in the pub is not your thing? Then visit a neon splash. You will find that in such an event, the absolute state of emergency prevails. And states of emergency are always particularly good for getting in touch with someone.

15. Getting to know women's places: the gym

You value your appearance and that's why you like to visit the gym often and to challenge your muscles properly. But why only the muscle and welding cells require? Just like you, just as many women value their appearance and slim figure.

You will surely have noticed that the ladies are frolicking in the cardio area of ​​your studio. The cardio area is also very useful for you. Because before you barb biceps and triceps using the weight bench, you should make you warm anyway anyway. This is the ideal time to talk to women.

Now you are neither sweaty nor red in the face, after training this will look different. But be prepared, the response in the gym wants to be learned. Not every lady has a desire for a flirt between fitness equipment and protein shakes. Here are more tips to get to know in the gym.

16. Get to know the place for women: the amusement park

You think amusement parks are just for kids? Thinking wrong, roller coaster driving can even as an adult increase the Andrenalinspiegel extremely. How to get to know women there? If you do not just put your bidding on the attractions, you'll find tons of girlfriends standing in front of a rollercoaster, but they do not dare to ride it. Nonsense them and encourage the girls.

17. Get to know the place for women: conventions

Even conventions are wonderful for getting to know women. The positive thing here is that you definitely have a common interest: the theme of the convention. The start of the conversation should therefore be particularly easy for you. Plus, you have the advantage of forming queues everywhere at Convetions, be it at the entrance or at the beer stand. You're back in a situation where you have to wait with others. There will certainly be a pretty woman standing in line in front of or behind you. Therefore, do not spend your time just waiting, just talk to your dream woman.

18. Get to know the place for women: The Cologne Carnival

Exuberant mood, a lot of alcohol and "funny girls", you'll find all this at the carnival. And where is the stronghold of the carnival? Right, in Cologne. During Carnival, Cologne is in an absolute state of emergency. You will get to know the city from a completely different side.

And as already explained, states of emergency are particularly well suited to women. Here, too, liters of alcohol flow and the mood is exuberant. The only downside could be that you might not see the woman under the make-up until it's already too late, in the hotel room.

19. Get to know the place for women: the camping site

Would you like to meet a pretty woman during your vacation? Of course, if you want to be away from bars and clubs, it is a good idea to choose a form of accommodation where you have more contact with other people all by yourself. In addition to a hostel, camping is also wonderful. You'll discover tons of tents and caravans with pretty women around you, and most campsites have a small outdoor pool. Of course you can also look around there.

20. Get to know the place for women: the Munich Oktoberfest or the Stuttgart Wasen

Cologne is too far away from home for you, and besides, is carnival anyway not your thing? Also in the south of Germany there are great things, such as the annual Munich Oktoberfest. What applies to alcohol at the carnival is also true at the Oktoberfest.

The beer is massively hissed away, here too there is exuberant mood. One of the advantages is obvious, here you do not have to guess how your dream woman might look under the disguise. Instead, heaps of pretty girls in dirndls will cross your path. That's what. If you can not make it to Bavaria, there is one equivalent to the Munich Oktoberfest: the Wasen in Stuttgart. The Wasen is a bit smaller than the Wiesn, but still big enough to meet many women.

21. Get to know the place for women: bus stop, terminal etc.

In general, you can recommend places to maintain, such as bus stops, air terminals, medical practices, etc. Just think of the total wasted time you've had to spend waiting in your life. Of course, this waste of time can not be avoided, but in the future try to make better use of this time by looking for a nice woman in your area. You will definitely discover one.

22. Getting to know women's places: Ikea

When a man hears the word Ikea, all the alarm bells ring first. And why? Ikea is the epitome of spending hours running around a furniture store, eternal digging between various decorative items and dragging shelves. The only glimmer of hope is the hotdog in the end.

But one thing you can believe, Ikea does not always have to be a man's hell. If you're looking for a place with the highest percentage of women, then you're probably right at Ikea. In addition to shoe and clothes shops, Ikea is a true paradise for women. Nevertheless, Ikea is almost never seen by men as the ideal place to meet women and flirting.

You should use this advantage. You meet the women there in a particularly relaxed mood, they are putting sofas to the test and testing the mattresses as a joke. They have certainly not been approached by other men during their stroll because most of them have been forgiven anyway and were dragged into the store only by their girlfriend through coercion.

23. Getting to know the place for women: The public library

You are not shy, but rather belong to the quieter sort. You spend your evenings reading rather than watching TV. You can try your luck in the public library once. In contrast to the library, it is allowed to speak there and you do not even need a library card (you only need it to borrow books, not to address women).

24. Get to know the place for women: A horse farm

Here is the case similar to Ikea, the alarm bells are ringing at this word. Granted, riding and even the smell of horses is not everyone's (and not everybody's) thing, but you'll find women too.

Apart from the environment in your everyday life, it is only recommended to go to places where many women frolicking. And that's the case with a horse farm. Here it will be especially easy for you to start a conversation with a great woman, because strange men on a horse farm are rare. There is a good chance that you will not even have to start the conversation, but that you will be contacted immediately to help you.

25. Get to know the place for women: the cruise

Everyone likes to go on vacation, you certainly too. But have you ever been on a cruise? Cruises have the image, unauthorized, that only people over the age of 60+ are on the boats to make a voyage.

Granted, there is already a different audience than on Ballermann (although all age groups are represented on the Ballermann), but you will still find a lot of young people of your age on board. Cruise ships are huge and most younger people are happy when they make contacts, because sitting alone by the pool or at the bar is no fun.

Here you have the great opportunity to not only meet women and exchange numbers, but you have several days available in which you can meet with a woman on board or take a day trip together.

26. Getting to know women: the club or other regular activities

The word club sounds pretty unspectacular, right? For clubs, one often thinks first of all of a bowling club or a club for Rauhaardackel. What is often overlooked is that there are really cool clubs, such as the sports club.

Of course, for some women, some sports are better than others. So you'll find more women on a volleyball court than on a soccer field. In general it can be said that all active actions that take place in a certain regularity, are super suitable to make contacts. If you do not feel like a club, you can also get involved in an animal shelter and go for a walk with the dogs. If you have time once a week, you are guaranteed to be approached by a pet helpers sooner or later. (In addition, women love helpful men)

Get to know women easier

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