20 Binding anxiety Symptoms: You should take these signs of attachment anxiety seriously!

Do you know the symptoms of attachment anxiety?

This article tells you what attachment anxiety is causing symptoms and signs that you feel a massive rejection for a relationship.

Binding anxiety Recognizing symptoms: You have been single for many years and have difficulty finding your dream man? Why is it hard for you to form a relationship? The reason for this is your past, bad experience with men who have shaped you and unconsciously prevent you from coming together with someone who has these negative qualities.

In addition, your enjoyed education and your circle of friends also have a strong influence on your attachment anxiety. Now it is important to recognize the attachment anxiety symptoms to correct them. But what exactly is "attachment anxiety"?

What is attachment anxiety?

Binding anxiety refers to the fear of entering into a relationship with a person. However, this can also be in a fixed relationship, whereby a partner part, for example the partner, approaches many issues in a detached way and often feels that it is "too much".

The most common cause of attachment anxiety is that people are afraid of being too close and affectionate. This attachment anxiety symptom is unconsciously anchored in you and does not initially seem to stand out. If you have been hurt and disappointed in the past, if you long for more freedom and do not want to bind yourself tightly to a partner, you are more likely to be affected by attachment anxiety.

Often people with attachment anxiety do not realize that they are afraid of being too close, on the contrary: Often, people with attachment anxiety want a partner and are always talking about a committed relationship. A typical attachment anxiety symptom is also that the person shows affection and security to you, but after a few days suddenly behaves repellent and does not report to you for some time, or even disappears in a hurry.

Even if someone confesses his love or makes you a marriage proposal and breaks off contact with you a few days later, this behavior may indicate a fear of a long-term commitment. These attachment anxiety symptoms are protective mechanisms that protect you from future pain.

The next 20 bondage anxiety symptoms you should take seriously are:

1. You have an incredible fear that the relationship will fail

The reason you do not want to commit yourself to a partner is your clear fear that the relationship might fail. This fear is so great that the negative thoughts get out of hand and you are determined to be reluctant to enter into a relationship. You have certainly had bad experiences in a relationship that has shaped you.

Surely the following situation is known to you: You have met and loved someone and it developed into eternal back and forth a solid relationship. After a few weeks you have introduced him to your parents, who are happy about your new love and also your friends and your circle already know about your luck. More weeks later the shock:

He tells you that he is not ready for a relationship yet and he still wants to enjoy life and thus ends the relationship! When this happens, it is understandable that you have developed fears of trust and caught up with the past as soon as you meet a new man. Here you can find more attachment anxiety symptoms:

2. Safety is the center of attention for you, so you have developed a strong need for security.

3. As a protection mechanism, you set above-average expectations of your partner

4. Furthermore, you are afraid of the big obligations and liabilities in a relationship

5. You choose a partner who is already taken

6. Frequent partner changes are part of everyday life

7. As soon as your friend comes too close to you emotionally, you escape and withdraw

8. Issues such as love and the future together give you a stomach ache and leave you unanswered

Further attachment anxiety symptoms

9. You can not imagine a wedding or anything like that with your friend

10. Valentine's Day and other activities are not so important to you

11. Often you suddenly say romantic things in pairs and are unreliable in many ways

12. Your new partner will never meet your close circle of friends or family

13. In addition, you do not spend Christmas and other holidays with him and his family

14. In public, you do not confess your love, so tender kisses and loving hugs fall out in public

15. As soon as your partner is planning a vacation together, you are looking for excuses as to why you do not have time on the suggested days

16. In small quarrels, you blackmail your partner to end the relationship

17. You have restructured your priorities and you are aware that your relationship does not take the highest value in your life

18. Often you respond to your partner's emotional confessions coldly and dismissively instead of confessing a message of love to him as well

19. Did you suddenly escape overnight during your relationship and did not report to your partner for several weeks for no good reason? Then this is a clear sign of attachment anxiety

20. You live in spite of partners a more open relationship with unusual definition of love and togetherness

Conclusion - What do I do if these attachment anxiety symptoms apply to me?

If more than 10 of these above-mentioned attachment anxiety symptoms apply to you, you are either on the path to build attachment anxiety or you already have a little attachment anxiety that needs to be overcome. It is advisable to share with others concerned about the bondage anxiety.

We also like to help you fight your attachment anxiety by using a psychologist to work out your inner fears and work together to overcome the attachment anxiety symptoms and make you a positive and well-balanced person. Just book a one-to-one coaching at Flirtuniversity, it's time to book here.

We wish you good luck!


EliteDaily.com September 9, 2014

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