2-minute Horst: The new YouTube format from our flirting coach Horst Wenzel

The new Youtube format of Flirt University

In our new YouTube format, we pick up short questions whose answers will make your life easier.

Sometimes one looks for an answer to a simple question, but colleagues and friends can not always help.

And especially when it comes to the topic of love, sex, self-confidence and body language, you do not want to talk to everyone about these topics. For just these cases, we have a new format on YouTube for you: Every Tuesday, our 2-minute eyrie appears.

Each of these videos takes exactly two minutes. In these short videos Flirttrainer Horst Wenzel takes up important questions about love affairs, which are explained quickly and comprehensibly.

Here are our 2-minute videos from Flirttrainer Horst:

1. The drama in your head:

Almost all people paint the worst dramas in their mind when it comes to dating. What if you meet your dream girl and it comes to embarrassing silence during the date? Or worse, you talk to someone, get a basket, and everyone around you gets it? Here's how to change your own attitude about flirting for the better.

2. More self-confidence in flirting with more repartee

Often we wish to be quick-witted and be able to spontaneously respond to naughty statements when flirting. Because sometimes you just miss the right words to be cheeky and funny. Otherwise, you're actually a laid back guy. In this video, you will learn how to respond spontaneously and funny to certain statements in flirting.

3. Avoid the most common flirting mistakes:

Especially when flirting, we humans tend to commit the same mistakes again and again. The flirting goes nowhere and we can not explain why it failed once again. You want to know which mistakes are made again and again and how you can avoid them? Flirttrainer Horst clarifies you over boring questions, cool statements and lame topics of conversation.

4. Thankful for the sun:

Have you ever realized what you have achieved in your life and that there are many reasons for you to be happy? Learning to become more grateful to people, especially for things that are often taken for granted, we automatically become happier with time. So, click into this video and learn how to walk through life with a positive attitude.

5. Anger is poison:

Almost every one of us wishes to become happier in life. What stands in the way is our own feelings. Far too often we become impatient in everyday life until we finally get annoyed to death. In this short video our flirting coach Horst explains how you acquire a positive attitude and how you learn to be less annoyed and relaxed in your everyday life.

6. Think in Solutions:

How do you deal with a problem that is waiting for you? Are you pulling in your head, thinking about the problem and just not finding a solution? Or do you approach the matter in a solution-oriented way and do not even see the problem, but you already have the solution in mind? Now you will learn how to work in a solution-oriented manner and how to treat problems only as exciting tasks to be solved.

7. Conscious Buddies:

How do you choose friends that fit you? If you want to get to know the right people, you should first deal with the question of who you really are. Because you know yourself, you can decide who is doing you and your life well.

8. Listen and show understanding

In this episode of Two-Minute Horst, you'll learn from the flirting coach how to become an attentive listener and make it easier for you to show sympathy for the other person. You will learn everything about the right eye contact, recognition and the ability to be a sympathetic conversation partner. So you make the other people feel good and become popular.

9. The inner core

Do you feel that you do not have healthy self-esteem? Do you depend on other people's opinions and statements on whether you feel good or bad? Then it's time for you to learn how to work on your own self-image so that you can walk through your life with an unshakable confidence.

You have a concrete problem in love? Maybe you're in love with a co-worker, but you do not know how to approach her? Or are you too shy to talk to women?

When talking to the female gender, you become incredibly nervous and have no idea how to behave? For all these problems there is a solution! In a flirt coaching our flirt trainers will help you to actively approach these points.

They will work with you on how to approach women and give you helpful tips on how to easily and easily flirt. And even changing numbers with a woman is not difficult once you've learned from our flirting trainers how to do it right.

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