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Here you come to the Flirt University - Talk Generator He randomly selects a suitable topic of conversation for you!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were desperately looking for topics to talk to? Now it's over, with our list of 19 topics to talk about!

Especially with the first dates, the first topics of conversation are important so that you can really get to know your counterpart. Away from superficial small talk and deep conversations, our 19 topics of conversation lead you to get to know each other. So your date is guaranteed not boring or too quiet and you realize what kind of person sits opposite you!

Generally speaking, conversations must be two-sided: It does not matter if only one of you speaks, because the other then feels quickly intimidated, overlooked or bored. In a conversation, reciprocity should arise, which maintains and strengthens the interest in the other person.

So it is important that you reveal something about yourself and also get information from the other party. By the way, according to scientific findings, women feel more comfortable when the conversation is a little more about them - just as the men are in this situation. So, as a man, you do both of you a favor, if you make your interest in her clear and you talk a lot about her, even if you open yourself! Besides, it is always good when your topics of conversation are associated with positive emotions.

The list of 19 topics to talk to:

1st vacation

2. heroes of childhood

3. Sport

4. Music

5. Misfortunes (embarrassing situations)

6. Clubs and Bars (exceptional activities etc.)

7. Best friends

8. Funny Youtube Videos

9. nutrition and cooking

10. Family

11. Nature

12. Future plans

13. Extreme sports (bungee jumping, skydiving, etc.)

14. "What would you do with a million euros?"

15. Exceptional hobbies

16. Dreams and goals

17. Little secrets

18. 3 best features

19. Eminent persons in life

You should avoid these topics

Not all topics are really suitable for the first date. We would like to inform you about these too. In a nutshell, these are the issues of expat, disease, religion and politics. But why avoid these topics? We want to explain this to you.

We humans feel most comfortable in our skin when we can talk about topics that we know about. Because then we feel safe. Anyone who suffers from diabetes, for example, has certainly dealt intensively with his illness. However, talking about diabetes does not invite flirting. Why? Very easily. Of course, we are always subconsciously looking for partners who are as physically healthy as possible. Their genome finally promises great opportunities for healthy offspring. If all infirmities are enumerated, we quickly lose interest.

That at the first meeting should not be talked about Expartner, should be self-evident, but still forget many people. Maybe we are over the separation long ago. Quite possible. But let's get carried away, talk bad about the ex or the ex, this quickly gives the impression to our counterpart that we just have not processed the separation yet.

No wonder our date will never be heard again after the meeting.

And why the topics avoid religion and politics? Good discussions about these topics can be quite interesting, that's right. However, discussions about politics and faith always provide plenty of fuel. If the opinions and opinions are too different, it is not unreasonable that the initial flirtation quickly develops a debate.

Talk about the things that matter to you

Let's be honest: what good is it if we make you suggestions for a conversation, such as volleyball, if you do not get excited about sports? What's in it for us if we advise you to talk about a summer festival if you've never been on one?

Try to look at these 19 suggestions as just suggestions. We just want to show with these topics that the selection of topics is infinitely large, but we simply do not always want to come up with these topics. The best way to talk to Dates when we talk about the topics that are really important to us personally and for which we are totally interested. As soon as our counterpart sees how we are burning for a topic, he or she will ask us questions anyway.

However, it is also important that we let our counterpart have their say. First and foremost, people always talk about the things that matter to them. For example, if she tells you that she is happy that she is about to graduate soon, you can interpret this as meaning that she wants to impress you, or that she wants to tell you that she will have more time in the future.

In any case, this topic is important to her. By asking questions and nodding approvingly, we encourage our counterparts to continue talking about how he or she feels understood by us and how quickly we feel we are swimming along the same wavelength.

My life is absolutely boring, I have nothing to tell

Sometimes we feel that we really have nothing to talk about. We get up in the morning, go to work, we buy after work. At home we eat something, clean up the bare essentials and then it's time for bed again.

Please keep in mind that absolutely everyone has something to tell, including you! You are just not aware of that! But you also had a fun time in kindergarten and at school. Every day you meet other people in the supermarket or in the public transport, for example, have a funny hairstyle. Even at work the most incredible happenings happen to you. All these experiences you just have to keep in mind.

We hope that our suggestions for discussion topics will help you to get to know your next date or flirt. If you have problems or questions in other areas of love and flirting, feel free to contact our professionals who will be happy to assist you in our webinar or flirt coaching. We look forward to hearing from you!

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