17 Funny animal videos to send chat to your date

What makes women laugh more than funny animal videos?

They melt the heart of every lady, conjure every woman a smile in the face and make for an enthusiastic sparkle in the eyes. What we mean? Funny animal videos of course!

Many men like to write about Whatsapp with their lady-of-the-heart and try to make them laugh by funny statements or funny little pictures.

But at some point that is also quite exhausted and boring. You may also be facing the point that your chat soon comes to a standstill and you do not know directly what you could continue to write to her without being needy. And this is exactly where funny animal videos come into play. Have you ever thought about sending her a funny cat video or a funny video of dogs?

Women love animals and you suddenly show a different side when you send her a video with little baby animals. That's why we have collected for you the 17 best videos, which are perfect to be sent to your dream woman.

20 funny animal videos for you:

1. Stern TV reports on the funniest cats videos

2. What animals can do

3. Cool net cat advertising

4. Animals do not always have it easy

5. Cats Fails

6. What else our loved ones love to do ...

7. There are more cats here

8. Problems in understanding between humans and animals

9. Funny cat actions

10. Man's best friend

11. If dogs have a bad conscience ...

12. Dogs and their problems in everyday life

13. Accidents that can happen to anyone

14. Dogs playing (and what can go wrong)

15.What can happen to you in the wild?

16. What else our beloved animals do

17. And finally: talking animals

Send one of these funny animal videos of the woman with whom you have been writing for some time. You will see, she will be amazed. You would like to turn the chat into a date? But you just do not know how to ask them for a date and you're afraid of that step because you've often had a basket on that particular question?

Then it's time for a flirt coaching. With us, our flirt trainers show you how you can address and get to know women in your everyday life, what you have to do to get the number, and how to get from chat to date. So that you can find your dream woman.

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