15 tips for the flirt chat from cover letter to date (no matter if WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder or SMS)

This is how your flirt chat succeeds

Really flirt with WhatsApp: 15 simple tips for the Flirtchat to get the appointment to the real date quickly

How about a flirtation with WhatsApp?

Flirting with WhatsApp and texting is fun because it's easy. Often also leads to dating in real life. In the best case, it may even be the start of a new love. Above all, if you do not know the other person, or if you only know him briefly, texting is a perfect way to arrange a date.

Especially timid people feel safer with the idea of ​​writing to you instead of talking to you. But the approach is a real challenge because women are more emotional than men and often react differently than the man expects. This is how a non-binding chat can quickly become a flop.

These 15 WhatsApp tricks are designed to help you show off your best side in a flirt chat with WhatsApp. In addition, you will learn here which words you best use to inspire your text partner and thus increase the chances of a date enormously.

If you have already mastered the WhatsApp flirt and you already have a relationship with your dream woman, we will tell you in the post the most beautiful love SMS as you confess your dream woman your love by SMS.

For the flirt chat: Mola's tips to women write

Twelve Flirt Chat tricks to women to get a date and inspire them

1. To loose flirting via SMS

or at WhatsApp you should avoid texts that she has already received 100 times, such as "Hi, fancy a coffee?" or "Should we do something together?". She has probably received such a message so often that she almost certainly, without hesitation, denies this question. The request just sounds like nothing special. So if she does not know you so well, she'll probably answer you with a short and curt "no thanks." If any …

2. Keep your texts short and accurate

To flirt properly via SMS, do without detailed and detailed descriptions of how you spent the last few days. In general, people fill in knowledge gaps about you with positive associations. So do not go into everything in detail. Sometimes you pass on completely unimportant information that may even make you look uninteresting. So you better hold something back and save the depths of your personality for the personal conversation for the date.

3. Write with her as if you were her friend

Because you want to achieve more with your lyrics, than just once to have written to a woman. You want to leave an impression and stay in her head. Write her in a humorous way, as if you were already in a relationship. The many Smileys at WhatsApp can help you, as well as exaggerations. Even ambiguity can get you to your destination faster. These stimulate the female imagination and create a sexual vibe with a charming placement.

Make sure that you do not overdo it with the smileys. One per message is completely enough. Do you use too many, you act quickly as a naïve child's head, which is far from grown-up. On the other hand, you should not miss out on smileys if you write something ironic. Because irony is quickly misunderstood when writing.

4. Send her personal texts and give her cute or funny pet names,

which give an indication of the connection between her and you. You spoke to her for the first time as she drank a cup of cocoa with relish? Then use a nickname, such as chocolate mouse. This creates a warm and fun atmosphere. Pet names are a particularly beautiful thing, which allows you to create a very special atmosphere between you and her. Of course, with all ambiguity and pet names you should never forget the courtesy.

5. Forget the 3-day rule!

If you have met a new woman, then write her the same day. Many women are ready to get involved in a meeting at the beginning. But the longer you wait, the more your thoughts cool, and that you may be the right one for them.

Women are very selective. The longer it takes to build a connection between the two of you, the sooner you fall into oblivion. Quite a few people look at their mobile phone after 3 days and then ask themselves, "Who was that again?" It is best if you contact me directly and write her a nice text message in which you show her that you they think (see 3.).

Remember that the longer you wait with your message to her, the greater the danger that she has met someone else in the meantime.

By the way, the same goes for dates: do not wait two weeks to the first date, because that leaves the romance and crackle much faster than you think - and maybe she thinks you do not care much about her because you keep her waiting.

6. Become your partner and not your favorite chat partner.

Use texts only as a way to stay in touch. Because first of all the flirting chat should have the function for you to make an appointment with her. It's not about writing with her forever, because you do not have any of that. Instead, you want to build a concrete relationship with her in real life. Because only on a real date you will find out if you really understand yourself as well as you do in the chat. Do not take them and yourself too seriously. Be funny, but not too crazy or creepy.

Emotions in front of information in flirt chat

Please do not make a clown. What does that mean now? Funny lyrics are always well received by women and will lead you quickly to your destination dating via SMS or WhatsApp. But do not choose vulgar, uncharmante, discriminating or overstaffed language for your lyrics. Use emotional words and visual language to lend your lyrics more liveliness.

7. Use the time when you can not meet her

If you are prevented or have to leave for a while, you should find a way to remind them of you. Texts such as "Hi chocolate bunny, just wanted to say hello and wish you a nice day / evening" or "wish a good start to the week" are sufficient and ensure that she keeps you in her memory. It's just a short message, but that's enough to sweeten the day and think of you.

8. Just send her one or the other photo

If you send her one or the other photo, you increase your chances to make a date via WhatsApp. It should show you, ideally with a laugh on the face and, of course, chic or appropriately dressed. If you do not know what style of clothing she is wearing for men, you'll always be right with a trendy streetwear look. The image should radiate your well-groomed appearance, as well as a perfect combination of coolness and friendliness. Funny pictures, or photos with snapchat filters are welcome helpers to make a date via SMS or WhatsApp. But please do not send her a picture of you with dog ears and dog's nose, this is anything but male and sexy.

9. Flirt by voice message

To personalize your flirt chat, you may want to try the voice messaging feature. It will probably cost you a little bit of effort in the beginning to send such a message, but your chat partner will certainly be pleasantly surprised and very happy about it. Because hearing the voice of his virtual counterpart is something else altogether. Not only does it inspire confidence, but you can also tell if you are sympathetic to the first listener.

10. Women do not overflow with texts

Do not rely on her being the first to write "Good Morning", but try to strike a balance. Otherwise women often think that you do not think about them. So start at least every 2nd time with the first message of the day. But beware: if you overdo the lyrics, you could annoy the woman in the worst case. In most cases, you do not know where you are or what you are doing. So basically wait for your text message until she has written back.

Please do not ask her any unnecessary questions that only serve as a place filler! If so, ask her useful questions, such as this one from our list of 201 funny introductory questions for Tinder, WhatsApp and the first date.

11. Dice your text messages intelligently

If you always respond to their lyrics immediately, you run the risk of being uninteresting with them over time. You increase your interest by letting it fidget a bit. Your first text message of the day should be answered immediately, so that she gets the feeling that you have been waiting for her message after a "lonely" night and is happy about a message.

At the latest after the third exchange of messages at least 10 or 15 minutes of writing should be in between. In this way, you show her that you're not just texting out of sheer boredom, but are actually interested in a conversation.

12. Never leave a woman unexcused

To leave a woman unexcused is an absolute no-go and that also applies to the lyrics. If you send messages back and forth with her, you should also be the one who occasionally ends the conversation. But you should refrain from "walking" without comment, because she is probably sitting at the other end, waiting for your answer, which will not come.

This quickly makes you think you are ignorant or disrespectful, and that you only spend your time unnecessarily. If you want or need to end the text conversation, apologize and include a brief explanation of why you are leaving without going into detail. So you show her that you take her seriously and above all respect her. A simple, short message in the sense of "So, I concentrate now on my work again, before my boss tears my head off" or "I'll go shopping in the supermarket" is enough.

13. Do not write her any written poems or verses

There may be exceptions, but in general, sending poems via WhatsApp is more of a no-go. It's way too impersonal, schmaltzy, and your chat partner will not know how to respond. Similarly, it is about bland love sayings or "I love you" pictures. So just leave it.

It may be a special situation if you are both very poetic and you might want to write her a self-written poem. In that case, a poem is a good idea.

14. Pay attention to your spelling in Flirt Chat

Of course it should always be fast while writing, but nevertheless you should take your time and read your message again before you send it off. Because many spelling errors in your chat flirt show that you do not give much effort and make you seem disinterested. You should also pay attention to your phrasing and avoid writing colloquially. So you can not impress a woman.

15. Make an SMS or WhatsApp date

If the moment has come to make an SMS or WhatsApp date, then you should include them in the decision. Closed questions that can be answered with yes or no are not recommended. Ask the question more skillfully, such as "Where would you like to meet me if you were ready for a date?". You can build on their answer and then move on to the crucial question, such as, "When does it suit you?".

Many women like it when men decide to date.

For many women, it is even better if you write them down and suggest a specific dating activity right after a few messages in the chat.

The key is that you do not formulate this as a question. Instead, write her a text in the form of "let's go ..." or even easier "I'll go climbing again on Sunday, if you like, just come with me ...". So it always depends on how your chat partner is on it. And for that you should have developed a sense after a few chats. Here are some suggestions for nice things to do in twos in our 76 Date Ideas.


With the right words, patience, perfectly measured attention, a boisterous atmosphere and short texts, you can usually always make a date on WhatsApp, Facebook or Tinder. Do not oppress women, do not take yourself too seriously and make them laugh. Women love humorous men! Do not tell too much about yourself, but do not give her the feeling that you have secrets from her.

With these tricks, you are unerringly on a date with her, where you should present yourself male yet gallant.

You would like to write with women, but you fail because you do not meet women? Then inform us about a flirt coaching for men. In this our flirt experts show you how to successfully address women in everyday life and flirt with them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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