11 exciting effects of oxytocin

What effect does the hormone oxytocin have on our body?

There are many effects of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone - it is released to strengthen relationships, whether in conversation, trust, or sex.

Through the release of the love hormone we feel more connected to other people, also the confidence increases. In addition, feelings such as stress, anxiety and pain are alleviated. The exciting effects of oxytocin are shown in the following list.

1. Oxytocin strengthens the bondage

Pregnant women with a higher level of oxytocin during their first trimester of pregnancy connect more strongly with their babies after birth, as a 2007 study found. Compared to other women, higher-level women during pregnancy and the first month after are more involved in behaviors such as singing, feeding, and bathing their children in a special way that creates an exclusive relationship between the two.

2. Oxytocin solidifies relationships

By sampling oxytocin levels and the related hormone vasopressin in biological and adoptive children living in Russian and Romanian orphanages, the results showed that oxytocin increased in biological children after having contact with their mothers. The study showed that the oxytocin level stagnated in adoptive children in the same situation, suggesting a physiological basis for why some adoptive children have problems establishing a secure relationship

3. Oxytocin reduces stress

Studies on vole mice showed that those who were separated from their siblings showed signs of anxiety, stress and depression, but these subsided after the injection of oxytocin. The 2007 study indicates that the effects of the hormone work even better in stressful situations.

4. Oxytocin crystallizes emotional memories

A November study supported researchers' opinion that oxytocin enhances men's early memories of their mothers. In a group of 31 men, those who inhaled a synthetic version of the hormone intensified the memory of their mother when they had a positive relationship. Those with a worse relationship with their mother after inhaling downgraded their opinion after having oxytocin.

5. Oxytocin facilitate birth and breastfeeding

In its most well-understood role, oxytocin is released in large quantities during childbirth, strengthening labor and the cervix, allowing the child to pass through the birth canal. After birth, the hormone continues to stimulate the cervix, which stops bleeding and is even more secreted when the nipples are stimulated during sucking for milk to flow from them.

Oxytocin has many exciting effects that are positive!

6. Oxytocin increases sexual arousal

In rats, they observed spontaneous arousal after being injected with oxytocin. In addition, a cocktail of chemicals containing oxytocin is released in the male orgasm. These chemicals can strengthen the connection between sexual partners, but it is not the same for everyone.

There are differences between the effect. For people who like to cuddle, we also release oxytocin, which the little one can do without, and less oxytocin.

7. Oxytocin reduces the craving for drugs

Some studies suggest that oxytocin inhibits tolerance to addictive substances, such as opiates, cocaine or alcohol, and causes symptoms to decline.

8. Oxytocin increases social competences

Another study showed that inhaling oxytocin increases the ability of people with autism to interact with others. Previous studies have shown that natural oxytocin is lower in autistic individuals who have a developmental disorder characterized by having problems in communication and social relationships. Oxytocin reduces autistic anxiety from others, researchers said.

9. Oxytocin triggers protective instincts

A June study showed that oxytocin triggers defensive aggression against outsiders who could attack the social group, just as soldiers defend their comrades. Previous animal studies have shown that the hormone triggers protective behavior, but this study was the first to demonstrate this effect in humans.

10. Oxytocin causes sleep

When oxytocin is released in the brain in stress-free situations, it naturally supports sleep, as a 2003 study showed. Oxytocin has a calming effect that makes us feel calm and secure, which makes it easier for us to fall asleep.

11. Oxytocin promotes generosity

In 2007, participants of a study inhaled oxytocin or a placbo through the nose and should decide how they should share their money with strangers. Those on oxytocin were 80% more generous and the hormone also seemed to affect the sense of disinterestedness.

Do you benefit from the effects of oxytocin?

As just presented, there are many exciting effects of oxytocin. But do you also profit from the love hormone? - It depends on your relationship with your parents!

Because you have a positive relationship with your parents, then all the effects of oxytocin are yours. If you did not have them then you can not get the same benefits and that could have a negative impact on your romantic relationship.

This is the principle of a study in which women responded to the cry of a baby: those who had not been disciplined as children relaxed their grip when they heard the baby scream as a preparation to gently soothe the child. Women, on the other hand, who had been disciplined harder than children, did not relax their grip. This shows how one's own experience as a child influences our oxytocin system.

How the effects of oxytocin affect you and how you benefit is therefore individual. Of course we hope only the best for you!

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Source: Psychologytoday


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